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Sewell Behind the Scenes: Shipping

Sewell Behind the Scenes: Shipping

Shipping Department: Mailed It!

By Kevin Sewell, Andy Smith, Nick Terry, Logan Breeze, Jonathan Smith, Stuart Jennejohn, Corry Owen

What Makes Our Error Rate So Low?

An efficient shipping process is a lot like good health, you usually don’t notice or think about it, but it is vitally important. When you place an order online, you don’t stop to think about how it gets to your house you just want the right product to arrive on time.

Here at Sewell, we’re proud of our shipping department. In fact, we have one of the lowest shipping error rates in the industry. Show what happens after you click that order button and before your product arrives on your doorstep? Let’s take a walk through our warehouse and find out.


Warehouse Layout

We have a lot of products that look alike, even if they perform very differently. To make it so we don’t pick up the wrong product by mistake, we place different iterations of similar products in different places in the warehouse. For example we’ll put our 15 ft. HDMI cable in a completely different section of the warehouse from our 20 ft. HDMI cable so we don’t grab the wrong one on accident.

Pick and Pack

Whenever you place an order, a list is sent to the warehouse team with a unique barcode. One person will pick up all of the products on the list and give them to another person to pack them. The packer will scan the list and each item on the list to ensure that you get all of the correct items. If one of the products or quantities is wrong, the system will alert the packer so that the problem can get fixed before the order ever leaves the warehouse.


Once the order is properly packed, the computer communicates with the carrier and gets the proper shipping label based on the type of shipping service you selected. It also prints the label and address so that we always get the right one.

Good People

At the end of the day, any system is only as good as the people that use it.The most important aspect of our success is our amazing shipping team. Working in the Sewell warehouse isn’t a lazy man’s job. We recognize that the work done in the warehouse is one of the most powerful interactions you will have with us. When, how, and what condition your product arrives in depends on their dedication. It’s about more than just putting products in boxes and slapping a label. Our team works hard to make sure you get the right product, and that you get it on time.

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