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Let There Be Light: The Most Comprehensive Lighting Infographic Ever

Let There Be Light: The Most Comprehensive Lighting Infographic Ever

Let There Be Light: The Most Comprehensive Lighting Infographic Ever

Choosing light bulbs used to be pretty easy—for a long time the options consisted of incandescent bulbs or… different incandescent bulbs. Sure, we had our choice of manufacturer, wattage, color temperature, base type, et cetera; but really, aside from those functional differences, most light bulbs were interchangeable.

On the one hand, it’s surprising that aside from early improvements in construction and filament material, the modern incandescent light bulb is not all that different from that of yesteryear. On the other hand, it’s easy to recognize one factor that influenced the longevity of the light bulb’s form: incandescent light bulbs just did a great job of lighting up our world with warm, pleasant light.

It’s no wonder then that a lot of people have mixed feelings about the phase-out of incandescents in favor of more efficient lighting technologies. Change can be good though, right? At least it’s not as unsettling or inconvenient when you know a little bit about your choices moving forward.

What better way to learn about your options than through the magic of an infographic? You won't just learn what sets fluorescents apart from incandescents, and LEDs apart from CFLs. You'll learn what Edison and panda bears have in common. You'll learn how quickly you'd have to eat a light bulb in order to unseat the world champ. You'll learn which light bulb moonlights as a wrestler's go-to makeshift weapon.

Reach your lighting guru potential by checking out the most exhaustive lighting infographic ever, courtesy of the experts at Saffron:

(Click for HUGE)

Behold, the world's most comprehensive lighting infographic!
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