In wall speaker guide

Why In-Wall Speakers?

They are the best solution for keeping a tidy home theater rather than standard speaker boxes. Instead of trying to mount bulky speakers to walls or ceilings or placing them on unstable stands and running cable down your walls, in-wall speakers mount easily and take up zero space. In-wall speakers mount flush with your walls, and can be painted to match any wall color, for a discreet and clutter free surround sound solution.

Easy to Install

Our Pro Maestro line of In-Wall speakers feature a unique mounting system that's easy to install. Each speaker just needs a hole cut into standard sheetrock, with an inch of free space between the edge of the hole and any stud. With the speaker set into the hole, all it takes is 6 screws to secure the speaker onto the wall. Six screws on the front face of the speaker are tightened, which flips tabs on the backside of the speaker outward, pinching the width of the sheetrock for a secure mount.

Pro Maestro Features

Our very own line of In-Wall speakers, the Pro Maestro line come in 3 sizes- 5 1/4", 6 1/2", 8". All sizes are full featured with a variety of top of the line features. The cones on the main speaker are made of kevlar rather than paper to reduce on blow-outs. The speaker features a 2nd smaller speaker called a dome tweeter which helps the speaker register all ranges of frequencies. The most impressive feature though, is the built in cross-over switch, allowing you to set a 'filter' (aka cross-over) that will only allow sound up to a certain barrier to be reproduced. This means, if you have a high powered sub and a medium powered speaker (like these) you will be able to send the same powered signal to all speakers without fear that the sound will distort with your medium powered speakers. This is a common fine tuning done with professional sound rooms in order to get the optimal crystal clear sound.

Inwall Icon

There is a huge difference in resonance when installed in a wall or box, and these switches give you another option for limiting output when desired. These speakers feature 0 db, -3 db, and -6 db filters.