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How to Wall-Mount Your TV

How to Wall-Mount Your TV

Using the Sewell Direct HDTV Wall Mount

Here we'll show you how we used our new HDTV wall mount to mount an LCD HDTV in one of our offices. Hanging a TV on a wall mount can often seem like a pretty big task, but as we take you through these steps you'll see that it is a fairly easy process. This process is made even easier by the simple design of our latest wall mount bracket. The bracket is only 3 pieces, one that mounts to the wall, and 2 that go on the TV. It also includes a bubble level to help you mount the bracket perfectly horizontal without the need to fumble around with setting another bubble level on top of it.

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LCD/Plasma HDTV Tilt Wall Mount, Slim 37-63

LCD/Plasma HDTV Tilt Wall Mount, Slim 37-63"


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wall mount step 1
wall mount step 2

As you can see, we already had video and power wall plates run in the wall. We will be hanging the TV just above those wall plates. The TV will then cover the plates, but still allow room for the cables to run from there to the TV.

wall mount step 3

Here's the box for the wall mount that we used. This is our newest addition to our wall mounts. It is a fairly simple mount, but it is high quality and very affordable. It comes with a built in bubble level to aid in mounting it, and the bracket includes tilt settings. That way you can adjust the TV to tilt downward to make it more directly viewable from a couch position.

wall mount step 4

The wall mount is a simple 3 piece mount. The main bracket will be screwed to the wall to support the weight while the two smaller brackets screw to the back of the TV and hang on the wall bracket. The kit includes all of the screws and hardware you need to secure the mount.

wall mount step 5

wall mount step 7

STEP 1: First, you need to find at least 2 studs in the wall that you can hang the mount on. Use the bracket to line up where you'll put the screws into those studs you found. Once you have marked where you need the screws, you will want to drill starter holes for each of the screws. If possible, get the bracket to span 3 studs and use all 6 screws to hold it up. For most TVs the 4 screws is enough, but it's always better to use more, if possible.

wall mount step 6

Here we see the 4 drill holes where we will mount the bracket.

wall mount step 9

STEP 2: Place the bracket against the wall. Use the bubble level to make the bracket perfectly horizontal and also line the screw holes up with the holes you drilled.

wall mount step 8

Once the wall mount bracket is lined up, use a drill or a wrench to screw down the included bolts. As you're doing so, make certain the each bolt is properly making it into the stud. If it is just going through the drywall, the mount will not be able to support your TV.

wall mount step 10

When you have finished securing the HDTV wall mount bracket with the bolts you will have a very secure mount to hold your TV. At this point, take a moment to again make certain that the bracket is screwed into the studs and not just the dry wall. Also, check the bubble level to make certain that the bracket is still level. Once you have verified those things you will be ready to start with the brackets on the TV.

wall mount step 11

STEP 3: Using the included screws, find the ones that match the wall mount screw holes on the back of your TV. With some TVs you may need to use the included plastic spacers to provide enough pressure on the bracket.

wall mount step 12

After securing the brackets, you need to adjust the tilt level of the hooks. One hook on each bracket as a simple thumb screw to tighten it down. Set those ones first. On the other ones you'll need a wrench, or pliers to tighten it down. Make sure they are all set to the same position. Lastly, you'll need to use a screw driver and a wrench or pliers to tighten down the screw at the bottom of the hooks. This will add extra pressure to keep the tilt from changing once the TV is hung.

wall mount step 13

STEP 4: The fourth, and last, step is to hang the TV. Lift the TV up and over the top of the bracket. Get the hooks to hang on the top of the bracket. Once the hooks are on top, slowly let the TV swing back to its natural hanging position. Make sure that as you do so, the bracket seems to be holding the TV without problems. As long as all of the bolts you used made it into the wall studs you shouldn't have any problems at all.

wall mount step 14

Once the TV is hanging securely, you'll need to use a phillips screw driver to screw the TV brackets to the wall bracket. This screw is found at the very bottom of the wall mount and keeps the TV from swinging away from the bracket, or sliding from one side to the other. It is very important that you do not skip this step.

wall mount step 15

All you have left to do is connect the power and video cables to your equipment. With that you've finished mounting your TV!

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