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Extending HDMI over TCP/IP

Extending HDMI over TCP/IP

| May 29, 2015

The Problem

Normally, HDMI over Cat5 extenders only allow you to extend your signal from one point to another using a direct line of Cat5 cable. The problem with this is that home networks and offices are not wired from room to room, but each room is routed back to a central hub, so using existing network cables for HDMI is usually not an option if you need to extend your HDMI signal to another end of the building. Instead, you are usually required to make a new cable run from one room to the other.

The Solution

In order to solve this common problem, one of the main upgrades we have added to our HD-Link Pro is that in addition to being able to extend HDMI over a direct line of Cat5/6 cable, you can also choose to extend your HDMI signal over a TCP/IP or “Ethernet” network.

How This Works

For example, let’s say your main setup with all your sources is downstairs in a closet. And you want to also be able to watch that content in a room upstairs. Instead of running a new line of cable all the way up, You can simply plug the HD Link PRO’s sender unit into any existing network outlet in the room with your sources. Then plug in the HD Link PRO’s receiver into a network outlet close to your displays. The video signal will then go through the network, and make its way to the receiver.

You can even connect extra receivers in other rooms to the network and be able to have the same image on all your displays.

What if I need to control my devices?

Another cool feature we have added is an IR extender function. With the included IR transmitter and receiver, you can control your source devices from wherever your display is.

The Most Cost-effective Solution

The HD-Link Pro is not only awesome because long runs of Cat5e or Cat6 Network cable are a fraction of the cost of long HDMI cable. But also because many modern buildings are already wired with network cable, making this the most cost effective and least labor intensive solution available.

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