HDMI connector HDMI
High Definition Multimedia Interface Can send digital HD video and audio through a single connection. Popular for home theater High Definition applications like HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, game consoles and projectors. Increasingly popular on computers and monitors.

DisplayPort connector DisplayPort
A digital high definition AV connection capable of sending video and audio over a single cable with a locking connector. Currently being integrated into computer video cards and high end monitors. A Mini DisplayPort variation has been adopted by Apple for use on laptops and desktops.

DVI connector DVI
Digital Video Interface. Primarily designed as a digital replacement for VGA, Analog support was kept in some cases. DVI connections are popular on computer video cards, monitors, projectors and early HD home theater devices. DVI has several variants including digital only DVI-D, analog only DVI-A, (backward compatible with VGA) integrated DVI-I carries both digital and analog video. Digital DVI can also carry a second video channel (Dual link) which supports high resolution displays. Other variants include Mini DVI and Micro DVI

VGA connector VGA
Video Graphics Array. VGA is the most popular video connection between computers and monitors. Technically VGA is a video resolution (640 x 480) but it commonly used to describe any video connection that uses the 15 pin video connection, also described as HD15, D-sub, RGBHV, or simply PC input on TVs, projectors and monitors.

Component connector Component
Component video use three RCA connections, Red, Blue and Green to send video signals in home theater applications. Video can be standard definition (480i) or high definition up to 1080p. Component sends video only and is usually paired with stereo (red and white) RCA audio connections.

S-Video connector S-video
Separate Video. S-video is a round 4 pin mini-din connection found on nearly all modern TV sets. It only supports standard definition resolutions, but it generally has better picture quality than composite. S-video essentially separates the color (chroma) from the black-and-white (lumen) signals resulting in sharper images and stronger colors. S-video does not carry audio, so it commonly run with red and white RCA audio cables.

Composite connector Composite
Composite video is the basic standard definition video connection for home theater devices like TVs, DVD players, DVRs etc. It typically uses a yellow RCA connection on consumer devices or a BNC connector for commercial applications.

F type Coaxial connector Coaxial
Coaxial cables are commonly run from antennas, cable or satellite sources to TVs and set top boxes using F-type screw-on connectors. High quality coaxial cables can carry standard definition or High Definition video and audio down a single cable and is often distributed through buildings during construction.