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Cell Phone Signal Booster Systems

Cell Phone Signal Booster Systems

Putting together your own cell phone signal boosting system isn't always simple. Here are the tips you'll need to know to make the right purchasing decisions.

Cell, PCS, iDEN, and Dual Band

These are the three main frequencies, the two most common are Cell and PCS. These two work off of two very different frequencies: cellular frequencies are at around 800 MHz while PCS is up at 1900 MHz. What this means is the signal waves are in a completely different format for Cell and PCS making them incompatible. Dual band cell phone boosters, however, can talk to either Cellular communicators as well as PCS, making it the optimal choice for commercial and public installations.

If you're not sure which frequency your carrier uses, it's best to check with them or go with a dual band solution. Generally, Verizon, US Cellular, Cellular One, Alltel, Bell Canada, Telus, and sometimes Cingular offer the 800 MHz cellular signal while Sprint, T-Mobile, and sometimes Cingular uses the 1900 MHz PCS frequency. Nextel uses iDEN, another standard that you'll need to specifically buy boosters for.

Necessary Components of a Complete Wireless Booster System

Firstly, if you want to avoid the headaches and make sure you get it right the first time, check out our pre-assembled complete kits. If you are wanting a 100% wireless solution to boosting cell signals, and most people do, you'll need at least two different antennas (an 'inside' one and an 'outside' one), and an amplifier. With zBoost boosters, one of the popular brands we sell, all kits are conveniently complete. With Wilson, you have the ability to mix and match and build a powerful cell phone booster system that is customized to your setting. Wilson systems are generally more expensive, but offer industrial strength with more comprehensive coverage.

We offer a wide variety of outdoor antennas. These antennas communicate with the towers in your area to pick up your existing reception, however weak, and send that signal to your amplifier. We carry many varieties from yagi style antennas with multiple elements, to magnet mount antennas for your car, to window mounted trucker antennas, to fierce weather models like this marine dual band cellular/PCS antenna that can also be mounted to buildings.


Next, we carry several different amplifiers. These receive signals from the outside antenna(s) and amplify that signal. That signal is then sent to your indoor antennas. Amplifiers range as Dual Band, Cellular, PCS, and iDEN signal boosters.

There are several types of Inside Antennas to choose from, all of which are dual band, so work with all Cell, PCS, or dual band amplifiers. Inside antennas communicate back and forth between your cell phone and the amplifier. There are two panel antennas, one with window mountincluded and one with wall mount included. Panel antennas are helpful for directionalizing the signal. We have a dome antenna which is good for ceiling mounting, and a low profile antenna that's good for cars and other hidden installs.

Cables and Splitters This Splitter allows you to use two outside cell antennas with one amplifier or two amplifiers to one indoor antenna. You can also check our coaxial cables to connect all components.

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