Spider, HDMI 4x2 Matrix

SKU SW-33142

Easily route four 4K display sources (like a Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver, or game console) to two displays. Great solution for home theaters, HDTV retail, space centers, data control, presentations, schools, and corporate environments.

Flexible Outputs

Output A features optical and analog Stereo output via Toslink or 3.5mm. Meaning you can break out the audio from whatever is playing on Output A to an external sound system.

Output B allows you to downscale the signal being sent out from 4k to 1080p.

4K@30Hz vs 4K@60Hz

As our TV's get bigger, so does their ability to support higher refresh rates. This matrix supports 4K@60Hz, but why should you care?

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works Great, Very Satisfied

I have used my Spider for about 6 weeks. It works very well for me. I bought it mainly to extract audio from my FireTV Cube's HDMI output, which it does very well. What I didn't count on is that the output B's down-sampling makes my older, 1080p TV look great! I am very satisfied and will probably order another one. BTW - For the first couple of days it ran kind of hot, but it seems to be fine now.



We're sorry to hear the unit isn't working! Our tech support would be happy to help you trouble shoot. You can contact them at support@sewelldirect.com or via our live chat.

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