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What Are Banana Plugs?

Banana plugs are the alternative to using bare wire when connecting your speakers to your surround receiver. Traditionally, wire is run between the speakers and the receiver where the ends are stripped of their rubber coating, leaving a bare metal wire to connect. In most receivers, speakers, and wall plates a clumsy screw is used to clamp down on the bare metal, which can take a few tries to get right. That is why people are increasingly choosing to use banana plugs in their surround sound setup. Banana plugs attach at the ends of your speaker wire, allowing you to simply plug in the end of the banana plug to achieve a solid connection between the wire and the terminal.

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Different Types Of Plugs

Although the diagram and how-to above will make sense for many banana plugs, not all of them work in the same way. You'll find many minor differences among banana plugs but all of them strive to achieve the same thing- make a solid contact between the speaker wire and the tip of the banana plug, turning a complicated connection into a simple plug. For example- our Sewell Pro Maestro banana plugs connect in a different way, but you'll end up with a stronger, more permanent connection. If you are using banana plugs behind a wall for a wall plate application, we recommend the Pro Maestro line because you'll lessen your chances of having a connection come loose. You can see both models with pricing below.

Banana Plug Guide

How to Use

Referring to the diagram above

1. With a wire stripper, cut through the outside rubber jacket, making sure not to cut too far.

2. Pull the outer jacket off the wire and do the same for the black and red wires inside- revealing the bare metal wires inside.

3. With the plug unscrewed slightly, thread the bare wire up through the bottom of the banana plug.

4. Make sure the bare wires are making contact with the very top of the banana plug. If you need, cut more of the rubber jacket to make sure there is sufficient length of wire to make it all the way to the top.

5. Tighten the bottom of the plug until it clamps down on the wires, making a solid connection between the speaker wire and the top of the banana plug. Now you can plug the end of the plug into a receiver, wall plate, etc.

For a complete tutorial on how to use banana plugs check out this helpful step-by-step picture walkthrough