VTBook DVI/VGA Dual Display Video PCMCIA Card


Sewell Part # SW-4054

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Maximize use of your notebook computer by adding an additional screen.

The VTBook uses one PC Card (PCMCIA) slot on your laptop, instantly adding a DVI-I port. The VT Book comes with a DVI to VGA converter as well, which converts the DVI port on the VTBook to a VGA port, allowing you to add a VGA display to your laptop instead of a DVI display. With the VTBook, the auxiliary video port on your laptop, the proprietary screen of your laptop, and included software drivers, you will have 3 displays total.

Limited desktop space is no longer the price you pay for portability. Decrease the stress and the amount of errors in your work caused by limited space. For even more monitor space you can pick up the DualHead cable which adds yet another VGA connector, for a total of 4 displays.

This video card has a 266 MHz processor with 32 MB DDR memory, running at a mere 2 Watts, featuring 2D and 3D acceleration.

Add yet another display with either the DualHead cable Stationary Edition or the DualHead cable Mobile Edition made exclusively for VTBook.

Not sure what will work best for your situation? Stop by our multiple monitors DIY page to see all your options.


Mfg. Part Number

  • 11080


  • VTBook

Graphics Chip

  • XGI XP2


  • 32 MB DDR
  • 266 MHz


  • PC Card Type II (CardBus 32 bit)
  • DVI-I (DVI integrated, compatible with DVI-A and DVI-D)
  • VGA (With included adapter)
  • ADC is supported with adapter (not included; manufacturer recommends purchasing the Apple DVI to ADC adapter)

Physical Dimensions

  • 126 x 54 x 15 mm (4.96 x 2.13 x .59 in.) without VGA adapter

Electrical specs

  • 3 W peak
  • Approx. 2W average
  • 0W sleep
  • Uses 4-8% of laptop battery

OS Support

  • Mac OSX
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

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What is the top resolution of this card?


The maximum resolution for the VTBook is 2048 x 1280 at 60Hz and 16 bit color.

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I have a lattitude d830. It already has an option to add a second monitor to use along with the laptop. Will this product interfere with that the second monitor? Also, can I use the two monitors on the VTBook card, laptop screen, and the monitor plugged into the screen? That is a question oud of curiousity. The end goal is to have 3 screens - latptop and two externals. Also is there a docking station that the PCMCIA card will work will so I can plug the laptop into it instead of unplug all the equipment for traveling when I am away from the office?


This card will not interfere with your built in video output. This card would give you a second port to give you the total of 3 monitors you are looking for. For this to work please make sure your laptop has the older PCMCIA type II slot and not the newer ExpressCard slot. Also, this card does not work with Windows Vista, so you must be running Windows 2000 or XP for it to work. We do not have any sort of docking station you could use to connect this card to your laptop instead of plugging it in directly.

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I purchased a VTBook last year and have since upgraded computers to a Lenova X61 w/ Vista. Using an XP driver I was able to get the VT Book to work, for a while. Now when I plug it in it still works but my USB ports become disabled. If I unplug the VTBook and reboot my USB ports work again. Is there anyhting I can do?


Unfortunately the VTBook is not meant to be used in windows Vista. The XP drivers are not written to be compatible with Vista. The problems you are experiencing are probably due to using the XP drivers in Vista. The only thing we can suggest would be to use a product that is supported by Vista. One option would be to use our USB to DVI Video cards. That will allow you to use additional monitors on a laptop running windows Vista.

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