CD/MP3 Car Stereo with SD Card Slot, USB Port, and Aux. In


Sewell Part # SW-5096

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Many Ways to Listen

Upgrade your ride's audio with this amazing 180-watt stereo deck from VR3. This slick little unit packs a ton of features into a standard-sized car stereo deck. For starters you have support for playing MP3 and WMA encoded audio files via Secure Digital (SD) cards, Flash Thumb Drives, or data CDs. In addition, you can plug in any external sound source via the front panel auxiliary input.

Excellent Features

The auxiliary input is perfect for hooking up your DVD players, iPods (or other MP3 players), computers, or just about anything else with an audio output. A stereo cable is included to make hookup easy. The detachable faceplate helps reduce the possibility of theft and allows you to show off your car stereo to the people inside.

A remote control is included for convenient control over the stereo's functions.


Mfg. Part Number

  • VRCD500-SDU


  • VR3


  • 180 Watts total max. power (4 x 45 max. peak)
  • AM/FM Tuner
  • CD/MP3 Players
  • MP3 and WMA support
  • SD Card Slot (Can read up to 2 GB cards)
  • USB Port (for up to 2GB flash drives)
  • Aux. Audio Input on Front
  • Removable Faceplate
  • ID3 Tag Display
  • 3 in one Plug n' Play operation with USB, SD, or Audio input
  • Remote included
  • Anti Dust Cover on USB Port
  • Built in ESD (Electrostatic discharge) protection
  • USB Drive and SD Card not included



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How do you get the jump drives to play in the player?


It should automatically recognize any MP3 files you have stored on your jump drive. It will start in the root directory of the drive, then play any songs located in any sub folders.

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I have the VR-300, and when you shut off the unit in the middle of a song being played from an SD card or USB source, the song starts from the beginning the next time the unit is turned on. This is a problem if you listen to concerts, which could be a single track that lasts over an hour. On power up, does the VR-500 resume at the point in a track when it was powered down, or does it start from the beginning like the VR-300?


The VRCD500-SDU (part SW-5096) does act the same way. When turning the unit back on it will resume on the same file, but it will start at the beginning. Unfortunately with these players there is no way around that.

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does this deck have an HD Radio Tuner?


It does not.

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