Vortex HD Antenna by Sewell, Amplified and Motorized

Sewell Part # SW-29480


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"Item shipped right away and arrived within four days of ordering. I've ... always had excellent service. I highly recommend them."


Product Rating: Five Stars

Pros: This antenna works just as they said. Live in a fringe area and receive stations 60-70 miles away. We are very pleased with the fast service they provided.

Cons: None
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Floyd | Nov 19, 2012

Take advantage of free HDTV signals with the Vortex HD antenna made by Sewell which can pick up over-the-air HD signals from up to 125 miles (depending on obstructions and the topography of your area).
Vortex HD

Compatible with all TVs and HD signals

Whether you live in a big city or out in a rural area, chances are you have free available HD signals being broadcast in your area. All you have to do is get this antenna installed and you'll be enjoying crystal clear HDTV in your home.

This antenna is also perfect for standard televisions that don't support HD. You of course need an HDTV to enjoy full high definition images, but there are also many standard definition signals available and the Vortex will pick all of them up.

Motorized Rotation and Remote Included

The Vortex HD includes a built-in motor and wireless remote. This means you need only to get on the roof once. Once installed, if you ever need to make an adjustment, the wireless remote allows you to rotate the antenna 360 degrees. The rotator allows one full rotation and then automatically rotates the opposite direction for another full rotation to avoid cable wrapping around the pole.

Built-in Booster

There are other antennas on the market that claim to have a built-in booster but don't go to any lengths to explain what that means. With antennas, since they passively receive signals that are broadcast from afar, have no way of 'boosting' the signal coming from the signal tower. The signal any antenna receives is as good a signal that it's ever going to get, no matter how expensive it is.

The Vortex HD, however, does have a booster that strengthens the signal strength in the wire between the antenna and your TV. This allows you to increase the length of your cable without worrying about signal loss. With a high-quality coaxial cable, you could extend the signal up to 300 feet.

Easy Assembly

The majority of the parts are already assembled. The estimated time to get the antenna ready for mounting is 5-7 minutes out of the box.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-29480


  • Sewell

Package Contents

  • Vortex HD Antenna
  • Remote Control
  • Power Supply
  • Manual
  • 36 ft Coaxial Cable


  • 360 Motorized Rotation (no cable wrapping)
  • Picks up both HD and Standard TV signals
  • Easy 5 Minute Assembly
  • Built-in Booster
  • 1 inch pole mount
  • VHF-Low TV & FM: 40~108 MHz 20~28 dB
  • VHF-HiTV: 170~230 MHz 28~32 dB
  • UHF-TV: 470~890 MHz 32~36 dB
  • Output Impedance: 75O F-Connector
  • Noise Figure: 1.7~3.5 dB
  • Max Output Level: 105 dB/µ V
  • Silver coil length: 10 inches
  • Main unit length: 10 inches
  • Total Vortex length: 20 inches
  • Total Width: about 30 inches
  • Total Height with both flaps up: about 11 inches
  • Can extend coaxial cable up to 85 feet


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Vortex HD antenna

Norm - 2/25/2013 11:11:11 AM

9 found this review helpful

Pros: Works fine. Handy rotation function. Inexpensive price.

Cons: Antenna unit large to store in camper.

Other: Company is very quick to address and solve problems. Sent replacement power unit quickly with no fuss. Their warranty support is First Class.

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Works well

Fritz - 12/8/2011 8:13:28 AM

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Pros: Get 36 digital stations

Cons: None, working as designed.

Other: I would like the remote control to be RF instead of IR. In other words it's like a TV you need the controller box in front of you to rotate the antenna.

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Perfect for RV campers in remote areas

SickPuppy70454 - 10/26/2012 11:27:49 AM

8 found this review helpful

Pros: I went from 2 channels on my bat-wing antenna that came with the camper to 26 channels. I'm pulling in stations over 100 miles away.

Cons: The rotator diagram needs updating, and beefing up. If doesn't clearly detail the various connections.


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Best little antenna ever

Krusty - 9/28/2015 11:14:07 AM

Great signal capture. Better than the RV antenna on my 5th wheel, got no channels with RV antenna, got 27, analog and digital, with the antenna. I work on the road and many of the contractors I work with bought one too, we made a "bulk" purchase, so got discount and free shipping! YAY!

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Failure of antenna

- 9/23/2015 8:51:09 AM

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chuck - 10/15/2014 11:52:25 AM

Price was right and tech support was helpful with getting replacement to me.

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VERY Strong antenna!

BSP - 9/2/2014 4:32:53 PM

I am a State Licensed Technology Systems Contractor here in MN. I usually install more costly antenna. Someone asked me to install a Vortex recently. I did not hold up much hope....I was mumbling and grumbling under my breath..."this is not going to work" BOY was I wrong. This is the strongest antenna I have ever installed / used. The signals are through the roof in both UHF and VHF. It really blows my socks off every time I install one. I now stock them and install them every day! Never had an issue even in winter. You simply will not get a better, stronger antenna for the price. This antenna is IDEAL for distant locations. If your in between two TV towers with a push of a button you can rotate the antenna and get the best of both worlds... I installed one recently 80 miles from the tower, the customer went on and bought 3 more Vortex antenna for friends and family..... Race Driver who travels bought one from me recently.... came back and again took 3 more Vortex Antenna

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Anonymous - 7/13/2014 10:36:05 AM

Only pros on this antenna. Easy to install, good price,easy to operate, etc. We were amazed that it was so easy.

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If I mount the antenna on my roof, can I put a power supply in the house between the antenna and the TV?


This antenna actually comes with a power supply that you do place inside the house between the Antenna and the TV.

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I have two HD TV's, what type of splitter do I need to connect both TV's? Thank you, Mo


The splitter is built in to this antenna. There are two Coax output ports on the base unit and you will connect one to one TV and the other port to the second TV.

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Can I mount this where my old Direct TV dish is and use the same, already ran, coaxial cord that goes into my walls?


Yes that should work fine.

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