Sewell Accelerator 56K USB Modem, Two Jacks

Sewell Part # SW-29644

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Connectivity for Your PC Virtually Anywhere!

Give your PC with a USB port the ability to connect to the internet and send/receive fax with this simple USB fax/56K modem.

Note: This modem is half duplex, meaning it can only send or receive information at a time. Because of this, it is not recommended to be used for voice calls.

The SW-29644 USB 56k modem delivers quick and easy fax and dial-up Internet access from virtually any computer. Simply plug this device into the USB port on your Windows PC and you will be ready to dial into the Internet or send and receive faxes. With a convenient low-profile design, this USB 56k modem can travel with you and provide connectivity for your Windows laptop on the go.

Note: The indicating lights may vary in color, but the difference is only cosmetic.

USB 56k Fax Modem Diagram


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Low profile, portable design
  • Dial-up Internet access
  • Send and receive faxes from your PC
  • 56k modem speeds


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-29644


  • Sewell


  • USB (type-A Male)
  • (2) RJ-11 (common telephone/dial-up modem interface)


  • Send/Receive Fax with your PC
  • Connect to the internet at 56k dial-up modem speeds

Supported Features

  • ADPCM voice compression
  • Digital Answering Machine
  • Wake Up on Ring
  • Ring Detection
  • On/Off hook control
  • Call Progress Monitor
  • DTMF detection and generation
  • Voice/Fax/Modem Distinction
  • Caller ID (optional)
  • Modem on Hold (V.92)
  • V.80/H.324 interface support for Video Conferencing

Operating Systems

  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
  • Mac OS X

Package Contents

  • 1 - USB Modem
  • 1 - RJ11 Cable
  • 1 - Disc with Driver
  • 1 - Manual


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Most helpful reviews

Handy gadget

gpsmikey - 9/20/2014 9:45:31 AM

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Pros: Works very well with PhoneTray for getting rid of the telemarketers and scammers - picks it up before the second ring (we have Comcast Phone service).

Cons: First one I got would go to sleep periodically (red led goes out and PhoneTray can't find it). Unplugging it then re-connecting it would fix it. Nothing in the system was set to put it to sleep and a second one works fine on the same cable/port.


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External Modem

ALT - 9/15/2011 10:47:31 PM

4 found this review helpful

Pros: I was able to do it myself with no problems. My computer recognized it so no need of cd. OS windows 7.

Cons: Danggles from my tower USB outlet so had to travel into town 42 miles away to find an extention so it would lay on the desk.

Other: Bought this because I'm staying at a family cabin where high speed is still unheard of in these parts and my computer is not equiped with a modem so I got this external to hook up to the internet. I use AOL and it was simple to change to dail up but I must say I miss high speed.

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Anonymous - 1/3/2012 1:28:59 PM

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Pros: so far so good

Cons: none yet

Other: price average, fair, yet to test V92 support, delivery as well, hopped for making prior to weekend, but..

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Worked with Raspberry Pi

Edward - 4/4/2018 10:31:52 AM

It works on Raspberry PI 3-B Jessie, and on Ubuntu on my desktop. It was able to do caller ID and voice answer with NCID server software. It identifies itself on USB as 0572:1340 and responds as Conexant chipset CX93001-EIS_V0.2013-V92

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Works fine

- 12/12/2017 7:19:18 AM

Small, inexpensive, works with Windows 10

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Good modem

Bob W - 9/26/2017 1:14:12 PM

Works as expected, this is my second Sewell modem. The first was fried by a power surge. Obviously I liked the product since I purchased the same item as a replacement.

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Great product

- 7/30/2017 5:52:51 PM

It is difficult to still find V.90/V.92 modems. This product is very good, convenient, and easy to install, use.

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Works like a charm!

Jay - 3/6/2017 3:18:34 PM

Works on install, with led indicator light, with 2-line capacity.

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Will this item work with Windows 8?


As long as you have a current driver, this item will work with Windows 8. Since Windows 8 works very similarly to Windows 7, our Windows 7 driver will do the job. you can find that here under the "Support" tab:

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I cant tell from the description...does this allow two phone lines, or is one just a pass thru for a telephone?


The second jack is only a pass-through for your phone in case the only phone jack you have in the room is already connected to your phone.

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My Win 7 laptop does not have a telephone jack. Can I use this modem for dial-up Internet service?


Yes. You can definitely use this for dial-up internet service with your setup.

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Driver Download

USB Modem Driver - Windows 98SE - 10, Mac OS X