USB 2.0 Manual Share Switch, 2 PCs to 1 Device

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This 2-port USB manual share switch allows you to connect one USB device to two computers. Sharing a USB device, such as a printer, has never been easier!

Simply plug the USB cables (A to B, sold separately) from your computers and your USB device into the switch and you are ready to go. We carry USB cables in lengths of 1 foot 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, and 15 feet.


We now carry a wide variety of USB manual and automatic share switches. Click here for a list.

Need to connect multiple USB devices to a single computer? We carry several different models of hubs. Our 4-port hub is the most popular.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SS2115


  • GWC


  • Compliant with USB 2.0 specification
  • USB 2 channel switch (2 USB type B connector, 1 USB type A connector)
  • Supports 2 computer sharing with 1 device
  • Switch between computers by using the port select button or hot key (hot key does not work with Mac OS)
  • Provides bus-power of 500mA per port
  • Two LED (green) port status indicators

System Requirements

  • IBM compatible PC or MAC
  • Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS 9.0 or OSX
  • Available USB ports

Package Contents

  • USB 2.0 2-port manual share switch
  • User manual

How it works

  • This device has two switching methods. It can switch with a hotkey or with the black button on the switch. When you press the black button on the switch, the device will switch directly to the other computer. The hotkey for this switch is activated by pressing the Scroll Lock twice on the computer you want it to switch to.


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Most helpful reviews

Taz - 5/2/2008 3:55:15 PM

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Pros: Worked as advertised. Installation was "plug and play" Received item in about 4 days.

Cons: The "hot' button is a bit slow but does function as described. No other cons.


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Great Item

Anonymous - 12/2/2009 10:38:55 AM

3 found this review helpful

Pros: Makes it super easy to switch back and forth from different computers to one printer

Cons: Needs a few holes on bottom to make it mountable and stationary on wall or desk

Other: Operationally it is an excellent device, and well worth the inexpensive price

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USB 2.0 Manual Share Switch

CJEpps - 7/3/2013 7:47:14 AM

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Pros: Works great for sharing Logitech keyboard and mouse between 2 computers. (Logitech did not support the KVM switch I was using for monitor-sharing)



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Most recent reviews

bILL - 5/12/2014 1:47:30 PM

Great product.

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Anonymous - 2/20/2014 10:50:02 AM

quick & easy.

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Great Product

The Bob - 11/8/2013 1:55:10 PM

Price, looks, ease of setup, double click to switch printer between PC's (great feature)

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Great Product

LynGos - 10/22/2013 6:42:41 PM

This is the best invention ever! I now have my desktop and the netbook connected to the Share Switch, and it works fine. It automatically switches from one computer to another, depending on which one I use.

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usb switch

Anonymous - 7/15/2013 3:47:07 PM

works as describe great way to use device on two pcs

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I have a 4-port USB hub with one port to connect to my computer. I recently added a second computer to my system, and would like to be able to switch all the devices feeding into the hub from one computer to the toher. Can I insert the A/B switch between the hub and my computers?


Yes, this should work well for you. We have used this switch in a similar setup here at our office.

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What is the transfer speed of this switch - is it 1.1 or 2.0. I've just gotten another one (somewhere else) and after I took it home found it only had a tranfer rate of up to 12Mbps which meant the device was 1.1 and it recommented cables with speed of 2.0 (which mislead me into buying it- I missed the tranfer rate it used and it didn't say it was only a 1.1 switch). Yours says it is a 2.0 Manual Share Switch - just checking for sure if the switch ITSELF transfers data at the 2.0 speed.


The switch itself is USB 2.0 compliant and can support transfer speeds up to 480 Bbps.

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I have a very cramped printer setup. How long is the USB cable on the back of your 2 port device and where are the buttons located for the A to B switch?


This product actually doesn't ship with any cables, allowing you to utilize any cable length you desire. The A/B switch is located on the top side of the switch, it's the black button found in the picture.

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