USB 2.0 PCI Card, 5-port (4 external, 1 internal)


Sewell Part # SW-1450

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Finally, the incredible speed of USB 2.0 at a price that anyone can afford. This 5-Port PCI card (4-Port external, 1-Port internal) is the easiest way to add four external USB ports to your PC and one internal USB port allowing for USB 2.0 transmission rates which are up to 40 times faster than the previous version of USB.

The USB 2.0 PCI Card works at up to 480 Mbps with USB 2.0 devices and up to 12 Mbps with older USB 1.1 devices.

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Mfg. Part Number

  • SBT-PU5N


  • Sabrent

USB Info

  • 2.0 specification for both low and full speed


  • NEC uPD720101


  • 4 external, 1 internal

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
  • Pentium 233 MHz or faster
  • 64 MB RAM or more
  • Available PCI Slot



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How do you connect the internal usb to devices without putting the card in backwards?


The internal USB port is for devices inside your computer's box that require a USB connection, like some front panel hubs. You would simply connect them while your case is still open. This way, if you have any devices within your case that require USB for data or power, you don't have to run a cable to the outside of your case to plug it in.

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I'm pretty sure my USB ports are 1.1 but how do I know for sure and if I plug a 2.0 expander into a 1.1, will it be 2.0?


If you are using Windows, it will warn you that you are using a high speed device in a non high speed port. USB will only go as fast as the slowest link. So a 1.1 port will only run devices at 1.1 speed, but there is no problem using a USB 2.0 cable for 1.1 devices.

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I am trying to update the wireless capability on a friend's computer. It is running Win98 and has only USB 1.1 and a serial RS-232 port available. I would like to install a card that would give him three or four USB 2.0 ports. Is there such a card for this older system?


If he's got Windows 98SE you have a reasonably good chance of getting this USB card to work. To be honest, though, USB support in 98 is spotty at best. If it doesn't work we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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