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Tara Labs Prism HMDI Cable 2 Meter

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Tara Labs Prism HDMI Cable 2 Meter (SW-4989-02) SW-4989-02
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Sewell Direct reviews:
Item shipped right away and arrived within four days of ordering. I've ... always had excellent service. I highly recommend them.
Sewell Part #:  SW-4989-02   Mfg Part #:  DDC371102
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Tara Labs Prism HMDI Cable 2 Meter
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Tara Labs Prism HMDI Cable 2 Meter
SW-4989-02 - $99.95

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Tara Labs Prism HMDI Cable 2 Meter
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Accept only the best when connecting your HDMI video set up. Tara Labs' product line in digital video is unrivaled in best quality and zero loss. The technology in each cable provides the best, uninterrupted signals possible.

Each Tara lab cable is constructed to provide the best quality for every inch of the cable. Every feature provides the best quality transfers for data to give you the best video quality possible.

Dual Shielding

These HDMI cables are dual shielded to protect from RFI and EMI. RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) are signals that interfere with other electronics. They protect from radio frequencies that can distort the signal as it arrives to the receiver. This can cause background noise to your audio or even distort your picture. Dual shielding provides protection from RFI while giving you the comfort of pure sound and video.

Pressure Stranding

Each HDMI cable from Tara Labs is pressurized to give the clearest signal possible. Tara Labs pressurizes the strands of their cables to extend the life of the cable and to allow the cable to function longer than standard cables. Typical cables are produced by using several strands of copper to form one single cable. If the strands aren't pressurized, they can leave pockets of air which cause oxidation and eventually degrade the signal. When the cables are pressure stranded they perform better and last longer.

Tara Labs HDMI cables are produced to provide pure digital signals without distortion or loss in signal. They are made with Mylar foil to provide the best insulation possible. Don't settle for less when selecting your digital cables.

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