Tara Labs Prism 100a Audio (Left/Right) RCA Cable, 3 feet

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The Tara Labs research and development laboratories have created proprietary technologies that put their cables head and shoulders above any other cable manufacturer in its tier. These technologies are characterized by the cleanest and clearest signal transfer in its market.

Pressure Stranded

Generally, copper cables are made from finer individual strands and molded together to form one strand. Over time, the spaces in between these smaller strands begin to grow, which causes oxidation. When oxidation occurs within a cable, sound distortion and undesirable modifications occur.

Tara Labs developed pressure stranding: a high pressure condensing of the strands to create a more intimate contact between strands, eliminating any air spaces. The result is clearer signal transmission and a much longer cable life.

SA-OF8N Copper

SA-OF8N (Super Annealed Oxygen Free Eight Nines) Copper is the new standard in high-performance copper purity. "Eight Nines Pure" copper (99.999999%), coupled with the Tara Labs proprietary technology of super annealing the copper creates the most pure and therefore, the most condusive environment in the industry.

Super Annealing

Super Annealing is a process performed in an oxygen-free environment to create an ultra-pure conductor with long-grain copper crystals. Most copper conductors have small crystals with relatively large breaks in between. This increases resistance and therefore creates noise due to the diode effect to these junctions.


Stable Valence Polyethylene (SVPE) is used in the dielectric material of the cable. The dielectric material is a conductor coating that seperates the conductors and also shields the conductors from electromagnetic waves created between the conductors. Dielectrics are usually most effective when it is most elastic and capable of returning quickly to its original state. The Tara Labs proprietary SVPE material absorbs this undesireable wave quickly and efficiently, returning immediately to its original state.

Dual Shielding

The Prism 100a is shielded by both Mylar-backed foil and a coated copper braided shield. This zealous amount of shielding protects the copper conductors from any environmental interference, allowing the cable to perform to its top potential no matter what the conditions might include.

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Mfg. Part Number

  • DAC202010


  • Tara Labs


  • RCA Pressure fit connectors


  • Dual Shielded
  • (Both Mylar-backed and copper braided shield)


  • Pressure stranded SA-OF8N copper conductor
  • SVPE used for dielectric around conductors


  • 1 meter (about 3 feet)


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Tara Labs Prism 100a Audio (Left/Right) RCA Cable, 3 feet