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Tara Labs 200v 2 meter

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Tara Labs 200v 2 meter (SW-6772) SW-6772
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Sewell Direct reviews:
Item shipped right away and arrived within four days of ordering. I've ... always had excellent service. I highly recommend them.
Sewell Part #:  SW-6772   Mfg Part #:  DVC212020
Tara Labs 200v 2 meter
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Tara Labs 200v 2 meter
SW-6772 - $37.95

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Tara Labs 200v 2 meter
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Don't turn a blind eye to high quality video. The video doctors at Tara Labs have drastically improved the way you see color definition. This is perfect for your Hi-Def TV's, DVD's, and other high-end video equipment.

Tara Labs begins their cable structure with dual shielding which eliminates distortion due to radio and electromagnetic interference. This translates to incredible video quality without any loss of sharpness or definition.

Next, Tara Labs uses pressure-stranded copper. Typical video cables use multiple strands of copper to make a single cable. This method leaves the copper loosely packed and can even oxidize with air to significantly drop the quality of the cable. Tara Labs applies pressure to improve the contact area of all the copper strands to reduce resistance.

The 200v RCA cable is backed with SVPE insulators to further improve the shielding and the video quality. This type of insulator not only protects the cable but allows the signal to travel with very little resistance.

Signal Shuttle management allows you to label the cables and snap them onto other Tara Labs cables. This helps avoid twisted and cluttered cables. Tara Labs provides the best in high quality cables for all your media needs.

Note: Tara Labs employees are not real doctors.

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