Taperwire BNC Plug Compression Crimp

Sewell Part # SW-8057

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BNC connections are commonly found on professional and commercial video equipment. By using this BNC plug, you can cut and terminate your own customer lengths.

It is a single male jack that crimps on to the end of a stripped Coax cable. It is as simple as that. Using these BNC jack heads, you won't have to worry about hiding bulk or excess cable when you use different lengths than you require. Merely cut the excess off and use it in another application.

BNC Connections have been used since the early 50's to transfer video signals. They are used in NIM electronics and for both analog and serial digital interface signals.


Mfg. Part Number

  • 3GIG-BNC


  • Taperwire


  • Requires PT5500 or CTFBR compression crimp tool
  • MNC used in professional video and commercial video devices
  • Compression type
  • Easy to Install
  • Uses standard Coax cable


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How many BNC connectors do you get? Sewell Part #: SW-8057


They are sold in pairs, so if you buy just a single order of SW-8057, then you will get 2 Taperwire BNC Plug Compression Crimps.

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