SmartAVI RGB to DVI/VGA Converter

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This RGB to DVI/VGA converter takes the signals from a standard RGB source and turns them into a signal which can be viewed on a standard CRT via a VGA port or a flat screen via a DVI connector. All of the conversion required to get the best picture possible is taken care of.

SmartAVI has taken care of everything with 70 RGB profiles programmed into this converter. You can select any resolution you need: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024. In addition, refresh rates of 75Hz or 60Hz can be selected. Many fitting options are available as well: 1:1 with a black frame, fit to screen, scaled, or at a fixed 2:1 stretch factor. With options like these you'll get exactly the picture you need.


Mfg. Part Number



  • SmartAVI


  • Resolution: from 512x256 up to 1280x1024 and respectively HSYNC from 15kHz ... 85kHz
  • Output Signals: VGA or DVI auto sensing; optional the RGB(S) Input Signal through additional Adaptor
  • Scaling: Original in Black Box 1:1/Format Fitting/Proportional Fitting/Fixed Stretch Factor 2:1
  • Option: Video to DVI/VGA-conversion using an additional adaptor
  • Option: EGA to DVI/VGA- conversion using an additional adaptor cable
  • Supporting the traditional VGA Standard, and new DVI Standard
  • Desktop Devices - Rack Mount options (19"): Mount up to 3 devices in 19"/1U or up to 6 devices in 19"/2U. This saves expensive rack space.
  • Using an additional Adaptor, it is possible, to use the RGB(S) Input Signal additionally (e.g. for Video Printer)
  • Using optional Adaptors, you can also display EGA- Signals on a VGA or DVI Monitor.
  • Parts Delivered: RGB to DVI Converter, international p.s.u., RGB(S) to DVI-I Adaptor, DVI-I to VGA Adaptor


  • Input Interface: RGB, RGBS, (Y/C and composite optionally)
  • Output Interface: DVI, VGA
  • Output Resolution: 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480 @ 60 Hz and 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480 @ 75 Hz
  • Scaling Modes:
  • 1:1 – original size within a black frame
  • Full screen - stretch to fill all available screen space
  • Proportional - stretch to fill one screen dimension completely
  • 2:1 - double original size within a black frame
  • Power Supply: Universal Switchmode PSU (90-240V Input)
  • Dimensions: 170 x 133 x 41 mm-desktop device
  • (19” rack brackets available)


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