Sewell PureRun Plenum Cat5e UL CMP 350MHz Solid UTP 1000 ft, Grey

Sewell Part # SW-29910

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CAT5 Diagram
At a glance:
1000 ft.
-(marked every foot)
Bare Copper
350 MHz
24 AWG Solid Conductor
PVC Jacket
Get true UL approved CMP (plenum) rated Cat5e that will pass gigabit speeds (10/100/1000) and a 350MHz fluke test.


Cat5 has historically been used to pass megabit speeds, but the 'e' at the end designates this cable to be 'enhanced' and so Cat5e is able to perform at gigabit speeds (also known as 1000 Base-T or 10/100/1000 mb/s). This cable is rated to the highest specs for Cat5e, passing fluke tests at 350MHz. This high quality cable in other words allows a robust enough signal to better combat interference, packet loss, and other things that might slow down a network.

Plenum (aka CMP)

US law mandates that only certain kinds of cables may be used in 'plenum' spaces in buildings. These spaces are typically where a lot of the building's breathing air passes through (typically in between floors and above ceilings). CMP or plenum wiring may only be used in these spaces because they are rated for low smoke and fire retardation. This cable is UL rated to be used up to code in these plenum spaces.

Notice: Due to a slight manufacturer’s error, the insulation jackets on the conductive wire in this cable are not the usual colors. Instead of being solid colors, they are done in a clear plastic. The colors are there, but they are harder to distinguish, making matching the cables more difficult. What does that mean for you? It means you might have a little longer installation time, but you can also get high quality Cat5e cable at a greatly reduced price. While the color might be different, the cable functions wonderfully and is still CMP approved by UL, meaning you can use this cable in plenum spaces. Take advantage of this opportunity to get the cable you need at a price you won’t see anywhere else.

Why you need it


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-29910


  • Sewell


  • CMP (UL Rated)
  • Cat5e (10/100/1000 mb/s)
  • 350MHz (pure copper conductor)
  • Solid conductor
  • 24 AWG conductors
  • 1000 ft pull box (marked at each foot)
  • Unshielded


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