Silverback E4 HDMI Extension Cable, 25 ft.

4K, High Speed w/Ethernet, ARC, 3D, Male to Female

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Need to extend your HDMI cable run an extra 25 feet? This high quality cable will be the strongest link in the chain with precise construction, ample shielding, and pure copper conductors with gold plated connectors.


This cable fulfills all of the latest specs for HDMI according to the HDMI consortium, including 4K x 2K resolution, ethernet channel, deep color, Dolby/DTS HD digital surround, 3D support, and more.

Male to Female

This extension cable features a male connector on one end and a female connector on the other, allowing you to extend a high speed HDMI cable length, complete with ethernet channel.

HDMI Distance Limitations and HDMI Extension Cables

Buying a male-to-female HDMI cable means you are extending an existing cable run, which means that the signal chain will necessarily be longer than the length of this cable. Keep in mind that HDMI's typical distance limitation starts at around 25-35 feet when we're talking about full 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 true HDMI 2.0 unless you have a signal repeater in your chain.

Of course, that's just an estimated distance limitation because every situation is different. The main variables at play are how strong your signal source is, and what the level of environmental interference there is (which can be caused by power lines, wireless devices, or even flourescent lighting).

Think you might need some serious extension technology? If you're thinking of going more than 100 feet, you should start to consider Cat5/6 HDMI extenders that send your HDMI signal down inexpensive network cable.

The HDMI 2.0 Standard: 18Gbps

One of the best things about HDMI 2.0's increased bandwidth (18Gbps) is the ability to stream 4K 60Hz with 4:4:4 color space. This increases the number of frames that can be seen per second, and also gives every pixel a unique color (so there is no chroma subsampling). With deep color support up to 12-bit, HDMI 2.0 has taken quite a leap in improved viewing quality. It also supports 32 channel audio and the 21:9 aspect ratio, and several other important updates. Find out more about HDMI version updates.

In addition to supporting all of the HDMI 1.4 specs, all of Sewell’s cables support the new HDMI 2.0 specs. High quality, a great price, and support for the latest HDMI specs all make Sewell HDMI cables the perfect choice for you home entertainment system.

HDMI Diagram

Do you need a switch that will allow you to connect multiple HDMI sources to your HDTV? Don't worry, we've got that taken care of - head on over to the Sewell 3x1 HDMI Switch.

If you need more cables or a different length, view our HDMI Cable selection.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-33500-25


  • Silverback™ by Sewell

Max Resolutions Supported

  • 4K × 2K, i.e. 3840 × 2160p at 24 Hz/25 Hz/30 Hz or 4096 × 2160p at 24 Hz
  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 480p

HDMI Construction

  • Certified HDMI cable
  • 100% Digital (Audio & Video)
  • No compression, no conversion
  • HDMI Version: High Speed with Ethernet
  • 340MHZ /10.2Gbps bandwidth
  • 28 AWG
  • Outside diameter: 7.3 mm
  • CL2 Rated
  • Foil braided shielding around internal conductors


  • HDMI Ethernet Channel (100 Mbp/s speeds)
  • 3D support
  • Deep Color Support
  • Dolby/DTS Digital HD Surround Sound
  • Audio Sync
  • 4Kx2K Max Resolution


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Most helpful reviews

no more reaching behind

candyman63121 - 9/12/2012 11:36:20 AM

2 found this review helpful

Pros: This helps me not have to reach behind the PC or TV trying to see if I have the HDMI conector facing the right way!


Other: I would have preffered about 1.5' for less cable clutter but not a major drawback.

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Extend HDMI - No Loss

Blueflippy - 8/21/2012 12:03:15 PM

2 found this review helpful

Pros: Solid connection to HDMI cable needing extending.

Cons: Can't think of any, at this time.

Other: This HDMI extender is well worth the 8 or 9 bucks. Quality and specs are there for sure, as good as AmazonBasics cables. I received it pronto, a day quicker than I would have through Amazon, my favorite site to buy cables.

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Extend a PC

Anonymous - 4/1/2013 11:41:12 AM

1 found this review helpful

Pros: Extension cable allowed me to move my "PC on a stick Android" away from directly plugging into my TV and set it on the desk where it is easier to plug in other cables.



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Excellent product

- 10/4/2017 10:55:26 PM

Excellent use for projector and streaming use. Good picture clarity.

Was this review helpful?

Excellent Seller

- 9/20/2017 1:31:23 PM

Excellent Seller

Was this review helpful?

Perfect HDMI extension cable.

radiorex - 7/19/2017 11:54:01 PM

This cable works great. It is the perfect length for my application.

Was this review helpful?

silverback e4 hdmi extension

swiming purple - 5/30/2017 4:27:21 PM

Nice quility cable, with exelent picture.

Was this review helpful?

Perfect extension cord!

- 5/18/2017 7:40:45 AM

Great quality HDMI extension cord. Service and price is always the best from Sewell Direct!

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