Silverback S3 HDMI Cable, 100 ft.

In-Line Booster, 4K 30Hz, 1080p 60Hz, ARC, 3D, CL3, Gold-Plated Connectors

Sewell Part # SW-2701-100

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Great high-speed HDMI cables with 3D and 4k support, Ethernet channel, and audio return channel don't have to cost a lot. Sewell standard grade high-speed HDMI cables are perfect for everyday use. This cable meets or exceeds all HDMI v1.4 specifications.

HDMI Cable with Built in booster

Built-in Booster and Equalizer

Because of HDMI's distance limitation, our 100 ft HDMI cable features a built-in in-line booster and equalizer. Not only is it important to maintain a strong signal over long runs of HDMI cable, is also important that the MHz range is equalized within a range that is friendly to your expensive HDMI equipment.

Important Note: Because our 100 ft length has a built-in booster, this cable is uni-directional, meaning no matter where this cable is in your set-up, the end marked 'output' must be pointed in the direction of your display.

Supports up to 4k@30Hz

These HDMI cables currently only support resolution up to 4k@30Hz, which should be ok for most applications since most blu-ray movies and streaming services play video at 24-30fps. If you need a cable that can handle 4k@60Hz for applications like gaming, or HDR content in 60Hz, we recommend you upgrade to the S4 or S6 HDMI cables.

HDMI distance limitation

Keep in mind that the HDMI v1.4 maximum reliable distance is 50 feet unless you have an HDMI repeater in your chain.

If your HDMI cable run is longer than 50 feet, check out the HD-Link extenders that extend your HDMI signal over inexpensive network cable.

4K@60Hz vs 4K@30Hz?

We mention above that these HDMI cables only support up to 4k@30Hz, while the upgraded S4 and S6 HDMI cables can support up to 4k@60Hz, but why should you care?


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-2701-100


  • Silverback™ by Sewell


  • Please note: This is a uni-directional cable, and doesn't work both ways. The side labeled "output" should be plugged into the display device, and the side labeled "input" should be plugged into the video source.
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface Cable
  • HDMI 19Pin Male to HDMI 19Pin Male
  • High Quality 24 AWG Cable
  • Perfect for connecting your HDMI Monitors, A/V Receivers, and HDTV
  • Supports all HDMI Devices, including 1.3
  • Supports Resolutions up to 4K
  • All conductor and the shields(braid and drain) are copper.
  • Triple shields,make sure to prevent the EMI effectively
  • The connector is 24K gold plated,
  • Our CL2 HDMI Cable can satisfy your Wiring HDMI cables in construction.
  • Built-in directional repeater ensures the highest quality and perfect transmission every time.
  • 340MHZ /10.2Gbps bandwidth
  • 3D and ARC support
  • 8mm Outer Diameter
  • PVC Outer Jacket


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Great product,price support

Gary - 12/14/2010 4:31:07 PM

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Pros: The part was as described in add. much better quality than I Expected.

Cons: Draging the 100' through my rafters

Other: The parts for the following was purchased from Sewell 3-4 weeks before I purchased the 100' Just keep in mind all TV's must be 1080i or P to maintain true HD. one 720i and they all will be 720i. I had a splitter with a 40 FT (to 32" HDTV) and a 6 ft (to 48" HDTV) cable out of D/TV HD/DVR. I wanted to add a 22 " (1080i) in kitchen. I spoke with John (Sewell support) and he said it would work with the 100' cable with repeater. I had used his excellent help before with great results. I had 2 HDMI splitters from Sewell. both 1X2 HDMI. So I use a 6' HDMI cable from the D/TV Output to the 1X2 Sewell splitter and a 6'HDMI cable to the next 1X2 sewell splitter ( this gave me 3 HDMI ports. )You can buy a 3 or more HDMI splitter from Sewell, but I had two 1x2. So I hooked up 40' to the first 1X2 next to the 6' going to the 2ND splitter. That left two ports for the Bedroom 48" and a port for the 22" with the 100' HDMI cable. I was quite happy with the service and their support, not to mention the price, the quality of products. I happy with the security camera I purchased also. but that is another servey Fast shipping, I found a good source for electromics, check it out, you can't beat them for the your needs.

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Good and Bad Experience

Pastor - 10/28/2009 6:40:21 PM

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Pros: The service I received from Sewell Direct was excellent. I ordered the HDMI cable (100 ft.) with built-in repeater and had it shipped 2nd day air. It arrived on time but was defective. When I called up Sewell, they shipped me out another one overnight and sent a return label for the first one. Thanks for your excellent service.

Cons: The first HDMI cable did not work. When I spoke to someone about this, they said there is frequent problems with the Sewell brand HDMI cable. If you get one that does work, it works well, but the key is getting one that works.


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Anonymous - 11/17/2009 7:43:16 AM

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Pros: works fine and is flexible enuf to install easily



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Works Great

- 3/19/2016 9:10:38 AM

Great 100 ft cable heavy and durable with good ends for great connection. Thanks

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Russ - 1/14/2016 7:54:36 AM

Laptop or Desktop Computer to Monitor; works beautifully every time.

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100 ft. HDMI

- 1/14/2016 6:13:39 AM

Works great....a very satisfied customer!

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Long HDMI Cable

AV Tech - 10/28/2015 8:48:42 PM

These cables have been dependable signage for all the commercial applications I have installed them in. I have had lightning damage one but thats nature. The rest have been very dependable even with a matrix or switch.

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Anonymous - 8/28/2014 10:47:53 AM

overall good product

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