Sewell Bulk RG6+Power Siamese Cable

1000 ft. Spool, White, Indoor

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ETL Certified
RG6 Power Siamese Cable Diagram
At a glance:
RG6 Siamese Cable
500 ft.
18 AWG
High Copper Content CSS
PVC Jacket
Braid & Foil Shield

Make your installation easier with Sewell’s RG6 Siamese cable. This RG6 + Power siamese cable features 18 AWG power conductors and comes on an easy-pull spool. The power conductors makes this siamese cable perfect for CCTV installations.

Siamese Cable

Having power and data cables run together cuts your installation time in half by requiring you to run only one cable. The term “Siamese cable” refers to a type of cable that combines video and power into one package. That means that in addition to the RG6 video cable, there are also separately insulated power cables included in the cable. That allows you to provide the proper power to your equipment without interfering with the video signal.

Unterminated Cable

Using unterminated cable lets you decide how much you need for each application. You can also decide which kind of connecter is best for you. You can use F-type, BNC or RCA connectors. Terminating the cable is easy with our BNC or Coax connectors, available in both crimp and compression styles. All you need to do is properly strip the cable, plug it into the terminator, and lock it in place with the appropriate crimping tool.

HDMI Premium Cable


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30375


  • SolidRun™ by Sewell


  • RG6 Siamese Cable
  • 18AWG power cables attached
  • CCS Center Core
  • 95% Braided Shield
  • PVC Jacket
  • 1000ft Spool
  • Unterminated
  • Rated for 75 ohms
  • ETL Certified
  • Rated for Outdoor use

Signal Loss (Attenuation) in dB per 100 ft.

  • Loss at 50 MHz: 1.5 dB
  • Loss at 100 MHz: 2.0 dB
  • Loss at 400 MHz: 4.3 dB
  • Loss at 900 MHz: 6.8 dB
  • Loss at 100 MHz: 7.0 dB


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Sewell Bulk RG6+Power Siamese Cable, 1000 ft. Spool, White, Indoor