Sewell Pro Maestro Banana Plugs, 24K Gold Connectors, 1 Pair

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Pro Maestro Premium Banana Plugs

Clean up and strengthen your speaker cable connections with these banana plugs that feature gold plated connectors, a heavy duty steel casing, and a tight cable-screw design.

Banana Plug Diagram

How to Install Pro-Maestro Banana Plugs

The Pro Maestro Banana Plugs
  1. Unscrew the Pro Maestro banana plug into its 3 seperate pieces.
  2. Feed the wire through the hole in the center of all pieces and hold the end of the speaker wire conductor in the head of the banana plug.
  3. With the bare speaker wire conductor held all the way into the head of the banana plug, tighten the screw on the side of the head to secure it to the wire.
  4. Screw the center section of the banana plug onto the head of the banana plug.
  5. Screw the base of the banana plug onto the center section to complete. If you're speaker wire is thick enough, this will secure the Pro Maestro banana plug to the jacket of your wire for a secure connector.
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What Are Banana Plugs?

Today, many electronics use the banana plug interface, also known as binding post (referring to this connection in its female form). This female binding post connection that accepts this banana plug is found commonly on virtually all audio/video receivers, speaker wall plates, and more.

Banana plugs offer an alternative to inserting a bare speaker wire into the equipment. Often a bare speaker connection is not as reliable as a guaranteed banana plug connection. Wires tend to get pulled out or frizzy after time passes. Banana plugs require only one install, giving you a permanent and robust connector at the end of your speaker wire.

High Grade/Professional Design

These premium grade banana plugs are made of heavy, high quality steel and gold plating for a lifetime of use. The inner head (where the speaker cable is internally fastened) includes a small flat-head screw which tightens on the inserted speaker cable. Under even the most hard core conditions, you will at least always be able to rest assured that your speaker connections are nice and safe.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-31100


  • Sewell


  • Solid Steel Casings
  • Gold Plated Heads
  • Closed Screw Type


  • Inner Cable Bolt (flat head)

Package Contents

  • Sewell Banana Plugs - 1 pair


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