Cadent 4x1 Premium HDMI Switch, by Salt

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Really bad

- 11/10/2017 6:29:49 AM

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Pros: The idea was good...

Cons: Awful build quality, remote doesn't work well and the buttons on the unit itself are unresponsive 40% of the time. Shame.


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Not ready for prime time

- 9/21/2015 12:45:04 PM

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Pros: Very pretty to look at. That's the one star.

Cons: Remote only works from <5' and not through doors. Must often press the button many times to get the input to switch. The remote vibrates confirming your press. It should really only vibrate to confirm signal received.Sometimes no matter how much I press the remote nothing happens and I have to press the buttons on the box. The killer though is the output signal drops in and out. You can be watching TV and the picture goes away, sound stays on. Sometimes the picture goes to a digital mess. Not a product ready to be released into the wild.

Other: I contacted support on all these issues and never heard back from them. Disappointing. Returning it.

Company response:

We're sorry for the delay but gratified to know that you were able to get a return set up after this review was posted. Feel free to get back in touch with us with any other questions about the unit.

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