Saffron LED Filament Bulb, 6W, G95, 2200k

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Fantastic Glow of Edison bulbs, with all the efficiency of LEDs

- 2/23/2016 11:49:37 AM

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Pros: Looks fantastic when turned on and has a very warm yellow "vintage" glow to them that other LED lights seem to miss. We have 7 installed in our kitchen/dining area and it adds a very warm feel to the whole room. All with the benefits of LEDs; long life time and low energy consumption.

Cons: While they definitely don't look bad while turned off, they aren't as intricate or attractive as regular Edison bulbs. But all the other factors well outweigh this minor hiccup.

Other: If you're looking for Edison bulbs, and don't want to spend $50 per globe very 3 months, and you don't want to burn through all that electricity, I think these are a great option!

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