Rivule 6x2 HDMI Matrix

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great look, decent price, occasional hiccups

doug - 7/24/2016 9:58:19 AM

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Pros: love the full rubber bottom. red LEDs are nice - my last one used blue which burned into my pupils. 6x2 is a good amount. more would be nice; both inputs and outputs. but that seems to get pricey. optical audio is really nice.

Cons: the battery door on the remote doesn't stay shut. the teeth on the tray don't fit into whatever slot is in there. i have to stretch them apart to hold slightly better. sometimes the unit freaks out and the lights flash until i change the input. when i change the input back, it shows a blue square. if i keep changing the input around, after about ten minutes, everything goes back to normal.


Company response:

The issues you're having are pretty odd, feel free to give our tech support department a call to get those resolved for your setup.

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