3 RCA Jacks to RJ45 Balun

Sewell Part # SW-4388


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Important: Please note that baluns must be used in pairs but are sold individually due to the ability to connect two distinct baluns by a run of UTP.

Need to extend an RCA video and audio reach beyond its usual capacity? Use easy-to-find Cat5 cabling to send your video and audio feeds up to 330 meters with this high quality, American-made balun.

This RCA to UTP converter is easy to use and installs in minutes. Simply connect your source to the first balun, run UTP (usually Cat5 cabling) from source balun to output balun, and connect your output device (up to 330 meters away!).

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Mfg. Part Number

  • AV901


  • Energy Transformation Systems


  • School Classrooms and Auditoriums
  • Home Theater
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Satellite TV Facilities
  • Personal Computers


  • 1 baseband video channel and 2 balanced audio channels on one run of UTP
  • Use for point to point replacement of coax and shielded cables
  • Heavy duty plastic cases
  • Made in the USA


  • Bandwidth: Flat to 60 MHz (video) / 10Hz to 20kHz (audio)
  • Connectors: RCA (video) / RCA (audio) to RJ45
  • Crosstalk: >50dB (video)
  • Impedance: 600:600 (audio)


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can I use the RCA to RJ45 balun through a powerline ethernet adapter to bring video from one room to another?


I'm afraid that these are not designed to work over a powerline connection.

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I would like to know if this product (3rca jacks to rj45 balun) is what I need: I have a home LAN with 3 pcs connected to a router for internet connection. I want to transfer audio and video signal from a dvd player by the LAN cables. Would this product allow me to do that?


Unfortunately this will not work for that. These baluns are designed to pair with a sending and recieving unit. To broadcast video over your network you would need a specialty DVD player like the SW-5811

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Sir/Ma’am, I have an audio source, all RCA connections i.e. video and audio(right and left) that needs to be sent from one room to another where the input (Mitsubishi Computer Projector XD1000U) will have a S-video with right and left input audio. I am looking at purchasing and connecting together the following products: On the transmitting side, use your 3 RCA Jacks to RJ45 Balun, p/n SW-4388 on the video input side. Connect it via RJ45 cable to a Allied Telesyn AT-MC115XL media converter. Run fiber from the input Allied Telesyn AT-MC115XL to an output Allied Telesyn AT-MC115XL on the receiving side. Connect it via RJ45 cable to your S-Video + Audio to RJ45 Balun p/n SW-4387 the on to the Mitsubishi Computer Projector XD1000U. Does your products support the type of configuration I have planned? Do you see any flaws in the design or have a better solution? FYI...I must use fiber between the transmitting and receiving ends.


As long as your media converters will pass the signal through without any modification, that application should work well for you.

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