Quatech Rugged Serial PCMCIA Card, 1 Port

Quatech Rugged Serial PCMCIA Card, 1 Port

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I have a Sony Vaio PCG-GRV550 laptop and am looking at purchasing a WS-2315 weather station. The weather station states that download of data is only with a true serial port not a USB add-on serial port. First question: Is your SW-4721 Serial PCMIA card compatable with my laptop? Second Question: Will this PCMIA serial port be a true r232 IOIO serial port [not a USB serial port] so I will be able to download data? If you are not sure I plan to call weathershack and ask them but is there any specific information I need to give them about the SW-4721 serial port that will tell them whether this PCMIA care will work or not? Thank you.


This should be compatible with your laptop. While they are more similar to integrated hardware than a USB virtual COM port, there are still some differences. I believe this uses the Texas Instruments TI 1420 chipset. You can contact weathershack to see if their system is compatible with that chipset.

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