Sewell TVDeck Mini VGA to RCA adapter, PC to TV

SKU SW-22050


Works with many computers and almost any television!

This adapter connects the VGA port on your computer to the RCA Composite ports on your TV.

How This Adapter Works

Setting up this adapter takes less than a minute with zero software or driver installations:

  1. Connect your computer's VGA port to the adapter using the included VGA cable.
  2. Connect the yellow, red, and white RCA composite ports from your TV to the adapter with the included RCA cables.
  3. The converter sits near your PC and gets its power from your PC's USB port through an included USB cable.

Customer Reviews

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I never received

So sorry that never got to you! It looks like due to an address error your item was returned back to our warehouse. We have issued a refund. If you have any questions on your account please reach out to our customer experience department.
Works Well

I was looking for something very basic to show a constant looping PowerPoint presentation from a PC to a TV. I had my company purchase this device as it seemed to have everything I would need for this very basic task. Connecting it was beyond easy. While it comes with all the cables, I only ended up using the VGA cable and the USB cable for power. The TV in question already had an RCA cable that was prerun and ready to go. After changing the TV to the appropriate inputs, I got the presentation that I needed.

In short, this worked perfectly for what I needed to use it for. I would highly recommend it for doing basic video output from a PC to a TV. I would probably use something more powerful if I needed better picture quality.

Part Number: SW-22050
tv vdo

Pros: compact new designCons: picture has lines,distortion .unable to audio Other: refund process 2 slow ';=(

Sorry for the delays in gettin that processed, if you're still having trouble feel free to reach out and I'll get that expedited.
Part Number: SW-22050

Pros: Great item in connecting PC to TV or DVD, DVRCons: This item is not like the SW-23000 which has all cables and connections in one unitOther: Hope Sewell will start reproducing the SW-23000

Part Number: SW-22050

Pros: works as advertisedCons: the image it puts on my tv screen is not horizontally level. the left side of the image is higher than the rightOther: trying to decide if I will be able to enjoy using it.

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