USB to Mini Centronics Cable, 5 ft.

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If you find that your new computer doesn't have a standard parallel port, this USB to Mini-Centronics IEEE 1284-C cable set is perfect to connect these older printers to a USB only computer.

Installation is very easy and straightforward. Simply plug the USB connector to your computer and the Mini-Centronics end to your printer then you are ready to print. If you're using Windows XP or Vista, the USB drivers install automatically. Then, you'll need to install the individual printer drivers, most of which are built into Windows XP.

USB to Mini Centronics Diagram

Please note: These adapters will work with Multi-Function or All-In-One printers, but only for printing (in other words, they won't allow you to use the faxing or scanning functions). Also, they do not work with anything other than printers. They will not work with other parallel devices.

Compatible Models:
  • Printer
    HP LaserJet 1100 Series (not 1100A)

  • Printer
    HP LaserJet 3200 Series*

  • Printer
    HP LaserJet 4500 and 4550 Series

  • Printer
    HP LaserJet 4600 and 4650 Series

  • Printer
    HP LaserJet 4700 Series*

  • Printer
    HP LaserJet 5500 and 5550 Series

  • Printer
    HP LaserJet 9000 Series

* This printer also has a USB port

Each kit includes all you need to connect a USB only computer to a mini-centronics printer.

NOTE: Your printer must also have drivers that are compatible with your operating system.

Customer Reviews

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Part Number: SW-7383

Pros: Cons: It didn’t fitOther:

What port doe your device have, if not MiniCentronics? We may have an alternate product that would work.
Part Number: SW-7383
USB to mini Centronix Cable

Pros: Product arrived as promised and worked well right away. Excellent value Cons: NoneOther:

Part Number: SW-7383
Connecting an OLD Laserjet 3150 to Windows XP Computer via USB

Pros: The Centronics end has a solid retaining clip on each side to securely hold the cable in the printerCons: ID-10-T error crept up as I tried for an hour-ish to get the XP computer to work with the LJ3150. Finally...used the Plug n Play feature to create a NEW connection. Worked like a problem with the CABLE.Other: Looks like a good quality cable.

Part Number: SW-7383
Works as promised

Pros: Worked out of the box on Win 10 64-bit. Pleased to see it had the mechanical lock-in on the Centronics endCons: None foundOther:

Part Number: SW-7383
Worked great.

Pros: Worked just fine.Cons: None so far.Other:

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