Silverback, HDMI 1.4 Cables

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Great high-speed HDMI cables with 3D and 4k support, Ethernet channel, and audio return channel don't have to cost a lot. Sewell standard grade high-speed HDMI cables are perfect for everyday use. This cable meets or exceeds all HDMI v1.4 specifications.

Supports up to 4k@30Hz

These HDMI cables currently only support resolution up to 4k@30Hz, which should be ok for most applications since most blu-ray movies and streaming services play video at 24-30fps. If you need a cable that can handle 4k@60Hz for applications like gaming, or HDR content in 60Hz, we recommend you upgrade to our Silverback HDMI 2.0 cables 

HDMI distance limitation

Keep in mind that the HDMI v1.4 maximum reliable distance is 100 feet unless you have an HDMI repeater in your chain.

If your HDMI cable run is longer than 100 feet, check out 

4K@60Hz vs 4K@30Hz?

We mention above that these HDMI cables only support up to 4k@30Hz, while the upgraded Silverback HDMI 2.0 cables support 4k@60Hz. 

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