Sewell Premium 3.5mm Audio Connector to 2 RCA Audio Connectors Cable

SKU SW-30407

3.5mm Audio Connector to RCA Audio Cable

The Sewell premium 3.5mm to RCA cable allows you to connect your mobile device to a stereo. Plug the 3.5mm male audio connector into the headphone auxiliary jack of your audio source, then plug the 2 RCA stereo connectors into the auxiliary input of your stereo receiver. This cable makes it easy to enjoy your music and audio in your home or car. Compatible with any device that supports a 3.5mm mini stereo audio jack: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, HTC Droid, CD Player, MP3 Player and more.


  • 1 3.5mm audio connector to 2 RCA audio connector
  • Gold plated contacts for optimal sound
  • Extra slim 3.5mm connector to ensure compatibility with phone cases
  • Metal head for durable construction
  • Soft-touch flexible cable
  • 6 foot length

Customer Reviews

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Part Number: SW-30407
Product as stated.

Pros: Well made and fast shipping at reasonable expense. Cons: None. Other: Cable works great. It's flexible so it stores nicely. Can coil it and then straighten back out without any kinks or curves. Slim connector ends are metal and strong. Nice cable.

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