Saffron LED 40 W Equivalent Warm White (3000 K) Light Bulb

SKU SW-30444


Benefits of Saffron LED Bulbs:

    • Energy Savings
      $11.28 per year, per bulb on average*
    • Lifespan
      30,000 hours (Over 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs)
  • Wattage
    Replaces 40 Watt incandescent bulbs
    Uses 6 Watts

The benefits of LED light bulbs are quickly becoming common knowledge. The lifespan of LED light bulbs exceeds their incandescent counterparts by several orders of magnitude, they “burn” cooler, they’re much more energy efficient, and so on. Unfortunately, a lot of LED light bulbs share a common undesirable quality: they’re usually kind of ugly. That’s where Saffron comes in.

These bulbs pack all the benefits of LED illumination into a form that is practically indistinguishable from incandescent light bulbs. Edison would be proud. If you don't believe us just check out the side-by-side below.

A side-by-side comparing LED to incandescent

Saffron also side-steps many of the other common weaknesses in LED bulbs. Many LED bulbs perform poorly in floor and table lamps because they project light directionally—kind of like a flashlight—directly at the ceiling. Flick the light switch and Saffron LED bulbs instantly disperse light evenly and without flicker just like an incandescent bulb, so they're appropriate for any fixture and they won’t give you headaches.

These bulbs are a great way to reap the benefits of LED lighting without the drawbacks.

*Savings will vary depending on where you live and how often you use the bulb. These savings were estimated using the bulb 8 hours a day in the U.S.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30444 1  pack 
  • SW-30493  4 pack 
  • SW-30570 10 pack


  • Saffron by Sewell


  • 3000 K Warm white color temperature
  • 400 Lumens
  • 6 Watts
  • 30,000 Hour lifespan
  • Non-Dimmable
  • Mercury Free

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