RG59 Compression F Connector, Copper

SKU SW-30284

Use these RG59 Compression F connectors to quickly and easily create custom lengths of coaxial cable for your, TV antenna, cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, or cable modem. Compression connectors are much more reliable than traditional hex crimp F connectors and provide a more secure connection. These have been made with a special, anti-corrosion Nickel Plated Finish for optimum protection and reliability.

The F connector is a coaxial cable connector commonly used for over the air TV, cable TV, satellite TV, and cable modems. It is inexpensive, yet still offers good impedance and bandwidth. It takes slightly longer to install than BNC connectors (it is screwed on instead of a quarter turn twist like the BNC connector), but offers a more stable connection.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30284-1 
  • SW-30284 10-pack
  • SW-30284-25 25 pack 
  • SW-30284-50 50 pack 


  • Sewell


  • Made for RG59
  • Great for TV antennas, cable boxes, satellite receivers, DVRs, or cable modems
  • Suitable for coaxial broadband networks used in video, data, and telephony applications with dual-shield, tri-shield, or quad-shield cable
  • Precision machined high quality copper construction
  • 360 degree radial compression
  • Anti-corrosion nickel plated finish
  • Quick, easy installation

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