Neoprene cable organizer, Black, 1.5 inch width

SKU SW-32864


The Funk Shway Neo Cable Organizer Sleeve by Sewell is a simple, convenient solution if you have a few cables you want to keep organized.

The Funk Shway Yang is made from durable neoprene that is flexible and can easily be cut with scissors to get the perfect length to match your needs.

Perfect for Managing Small Cable Bundles

This neoprene sleeve is 4 cm when closed, making it ideal for organizing fewer or smaller cables. The Funk Shway Neo comes with holes every 6 inches so you can easily insert or take out any cable along your run.

Attractive and Adaptable

Other solutions, like using tie-wraps or duct tape are annoyingly permanent and can be very unsightly. By using Velcro to close the sleeve, it makes your wires easy to get to when needed. And by using a sleeve instead of ties, the wires look much more attractive.

The Velcro Cable Sleeves come in 5-foot segments but can be used together for longer cables or cut into smaller segments to accommodate shorter cables.

If you are looking for an attractive, affordable, and convenient cable management system, look no farther than Sewell’s Velcro Cable Sleeve.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32864


  • Funk Shway by Sewell


  • 5 feet long
  • 8 cm unwrapped
  • 4 cm wrapped
  • Hook and Loop velcro
  • Holes every 6 inches

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