MOS Stash, Magnet Wallet Case for iPhone

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iphone wallet case

The Dilemma

We all have way too much junk to carry around and way too few places to keep it.


The Fix

We introduce our brand new

Keep the clutter down. One location for all your essentials.

iPhone 6 wallet case

The Magic

Proprietary QuickMag™ release.

QuickMag™ lets you answer and use your phone without your wallet hanging off your face. Genius!

iphone case

MOS Stash Wallet Case

Protect your iPhone, simplify your life and impress your friends with this luxury wallet case for the iPhone. Wallets and phones are two things that people rarely leave home without. Now you can carry both in one tastefully designed book. This wallet/phone case has been made to look like a classic leather bound book, giving it a classy, vintage look. By replacing your old wallet with this beautiful wallet case, you'll have one less thing to carry around with you when you walk out the door.

<32>QuickMag™ Technology

Don't want to look weird holding your entire wallet to your ear when you need to take a call?

Worry no more because we solved this problem with our new MOS Stash. The magnet case is the latest update to the popular MOS family. It allows you to detach your phone from the case for calls or times that you don't want a wallet case, then drop it back in the case when you want it in the case. The magnets are strong enough to hold your phone securely in the case while still making it easy to pull your phone out. And contrary to what your know-it-all friend might say, magnets WILL NOT mess up your phone or credit cards. This case also allows you to stick your phone securely to any metal surface. It's perfect for when you are working on a recipe or project, watching a video, or just wanting to take a shameless selfie.

Put your money where your phone is

Everyone has essential items that they carry around with them. While everyone has their own list of what is essential, two things that almost everyone takes with them are their phone and wallet. With this vintage-style iPhone 6 case you can combine your wallet and phone into one attractive package. It has a convenient ID window and four slots for cards and cash. Carry less and make your life easier all at the same time.

Put your money where your phone is

Find your phone and your wallet with GPS

Combining a wallet with your phone has the added advantage of giving you a GPS locator for your wallet. Using Find-My-iPhone you can find your phone and your wallet, no matter where you might have left them. If only your keys had the same thing.

Monk vs BookBook vs Tion Comparison Chart



Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32838 iPhone 6/6s
  • SW-32913 iPhone 5s/SE
  • SW-32914 iPhone 7
  • SW-32915 iPhone 7+


  • MOS™ by Sewell


  • Detachable magnet inner case
  • Edge-to-edge access to touch screen
  • Includes pockets for cards, and cash
  • Includes window pocket for ID
  • Unique vintage book design
  • Camera hole allows for easy access to iSight camera
  • Snap-in design ensures your phone will stay in place
  • Thin profile
  • Shock protection
  • Screen protection
  • Genuine leather
  • Elastic strap to ensure your valuables stay safe


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great Wallet Case! Waiting for more!

I've had two of these and they are the best. I've looked at them all and this is the only one with detachable and elastic band.
No Cons. Happy Camper.
Just got my new XR and will need to go with substitute until you get the iPhone XR version out.
I'll get two more then!

Part Number: SW-32915
Magnet Wallet Case

Pros: Great! All you need in one and the magnetic back is a bonus. Looks great and adds convenience. Cons: The elastic band is not necessary. Other: Love it!

Part Number: SW-32915
Really Nice Case... but...

Pros: Nice material... does exactly what it says... I bought a 6 plus case form 7 plus before the new case was available... little modifications did the job... phones are exactly the same size.Cons: Not available in Black... C'mon guys... Make it in Black!!!! You did it for the iPhone 6.Other:

Part Number: SW-32914
Good product

Pros: Love that u can remove phone easily with magnetic backCons: Elastic band closureOther:

Part Number: SW-32838
What I expected, and more

Pros: strong magnet, phone feels secure, with a good card holder, nice finish. The price is right.Cons: Other: don't hesitate to get it. At that price, it's a no brainer.

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