MOS Menos Cable Organizer

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Menos Style

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The original MOS is a unique and elegant solution for organizing the cables in your home or office. The MOS Menos is the little brother of the original MOS. Its small size makes it perfect to mount in your car, or take with you on any long trips.


A super strong Neodymium magnet ensures your cables will always be right where you need them, without making it difficult to remove the cables when you need them.

The same great anodized aluminum finish from the original Aluminum MOS.

Includes an adhesive pad for permanently fixing to a vertical surface or a micro suction base to fix to smooth horizontal surfaces. Microsuction is a special material with thousands of microscopic air pockets that create partial vacuums. That way the MOS Menos can bond to any smooth surface without leaving a sticky residue.

Includes one MOS cable tie to give any cable a little extra sticking power.

How the Menos was born


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30446 Plastic 6 Pack 
  • SW-30441 Aluminum 
  • SW-30448 Aluminum 6 Pack 


  • MOS™ by Sewell

Customer Reviews

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Part Number: SW-30441
Sleek addition to my office desk

Pros: Cons: Other:

Part Number: SW-30446
Super Handy

Pros: I love these little guys. They look good, the magnets are strong, and t hey hold up really well. I have one in each of my cars to hold my phone cables, so they are always right there. Works great. I have one on my desk that I thought would hold cables, but it usually holds other miscellanea like paper clips, flash drives, safety pins etc. I have one on the wall by my desk for keys I don't use often. I used to hang them in a cupboard on a hook, but they were always getting knocked down. This holds better and is easier to reach. Though it is the keyring that is magnetic, the keys aren't. I had a key on an aluminum carabiner and I had to switch it to a normal keyring. One is always stuck to the corner of some wall, just as a curiosity. I used to get after my kids for playing with it, but they caught me doing the same too many times. Still thinking about where to put the last...Cons: I tried sticking one to an ipad charger (fit perfectly) to hold the lightning cable, but the charger didn't always work. I took off the MOS and fiddled with the removable wall plug adapter and it has been working since, so I haven't stuck it back on. It might have been unrelated.Other: I had one with the airstick tape that got moved around so much it stopped being sticky, so I use double sided tape where I know I want them to stay (like the cars). The one on my wall is actually stuck to a metal whiteboard, and that holds tighter than the key rings so I'm not us

Part Number: SW-30441
MOS doesn't fail again..

Pros: - Light Weight, Strong Magnet - Can hold up to multiple cables (so far 3-4, depending if you use the cable tie)Cons: None!Other: I got attracted to MOS because of their spring cable, since then i can't get enough of their products. I got the original MOS and after loving it got the MENOS. I nearly have almost every MOS product, spring cables (lightning, micro-usb, aux) , MOS Pack, MOS Reach V1, MOS, and now the Menos. I'll be reviewing each product. You won't be disappointed, get it NOW. Carry it around if you're a travel from customer site to customer site, use it for your car, stick it on the wall to hold your keys at the front door, your living room, etc etc.

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