Luminid Touch and Light Micro USB Cable, 3 ft.

SKU SW-30594


The Luminid is a "USB A to micro USB" cable with a built-in capacitive touch light.

Micro USB is tiny and can only be plugged in one way, which is awesome because it means thinner phones and tablets. But it can also make it hard to find the port in the dark.

">Luminid Touch

The Luminid USB solves this problem simply and creatively. It features a capacitive touch LED light that illuminates as soon as it's touched, allowing users to see where they're plugging in their phone. As soon as the cable is released, the light goes off so it doesn't annoy users while they are sleeping or watching a movie.

Luminid Touch

The Luminid USB will work with all micro USB devices. It features a durable PVC jacket and strain relief to help it withstand the rigors of consistent use.



Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30509


  • Sewell


  • Built in capacitive touch light to help users find plug in their phone in the dark.
  • Durable PVC jacket and strain relief
  • High speed sync and charging
  • 40" in length

Customer Reviews

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Part Number: SW-30594
Luminid Touch and Flash Micro USB Cable, 3 ft

Pros: Light directed to the little port while plugging in a phone or tabletCons: I still had to make a small mod to the cord adding a small spot of epoxy to the small side of the plug because it is not possible to tell with this light which way the plug is actually pointed. Sort of negates the help the light gives you. But once I added a bump telling me which side is to be toward the screen, it now works like a dream. Other: Delivery and handling of the sale was flawless.

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