Extend an HDMI signal up to two miles with any conductive cable you might have. Pick a cable and it will work: Cat5e/6, speaker wire, coax, telephone wire, coat hangers, and even water. Perfect for installs with existing wiring or whenever running new cables is not an option.

Does it really reach two miles?

Yes, it does, but with everything magical there's always a catch. A lot of processing is happening in each unit, resulting in some compression and significant latency. The latency is about half of a second, which makes a remote controller feel laggy. The compression quality is pretty good, but definitely notiecable under close scrutiny.

This is a fantastic solution for digital signage, static images, or casual movie and TV viewing. For gaming or other applications that require frequent input, we recommend low-latency extenders such as the HD-Link HL15.

How This Works

This kit comes as a pair, with one sender unit and one receiver unit. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Connect the Sender to the Receiver unit with any two conductive wires.
  2. Connect the HDMI cables from the sender and receiver units to their respective display and source device.
  3. Optional: Connect the IR receiver cable to the receiver unit and the IR emitter to the sender unit to control the video source from the display location.
  4. Optional: Connect a local display to the Sender via HDMI cable.
  5. Plug in the included power supplies.

The HL24 Allows for multiple configurations such as Point-to-Point, Daisy Chain, or Multi-Wire. This would require additional Receivers which are available for purchase individually.


HDMI over Water?

Derek says the HDMI over water video is just a gimmick, but it was fun testing all the different things this extender can send video through. But seriously, this will transmit HDMI over anything conductive. Even a burrito, we tried.

Strike Banana Plugs

Included are two pairs of our Low-profile Strike Banana Plugs. Simply attach these to your cables to make setting up the HL24 easier.

Don't take our word for it

See the HL24 in action on this video by Linus Tech Tips. Note that on their first example they were still able to get signal even though they were only using one cable. For best results, we recommend using two separate conductors.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32974


  • Link by Sewell


  • 1080p @ 60Hz
  • H.264 compression
  • DC 12V
  • Up to 2 miles point to point extension
  • HDMI local output
  • IR transmission

Box Contents

  • x1 HL24 Sender
  • x1 HL24 Receiver
  • x2 Pairs of Strike Banana Plugs
  • x1 IR-RX Cable (IR Receiver)
  • x1 IR-TX Cable (IR Emitter)
  • x4 Mounting ears
  • x8 Screws for mounting ears
  • x2 12v Power supplies

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Part Number: SW-32974
For what it does it does a good job.

Pros: It can send actually transmit HDMI over any two wires with HDCP in tact. Signal was clear and no distortion. Testing cables were only a few feet long but it should work over any distance. Cons: Audio and Video signal separate and the audio can become delayed to the point where the TV becomes unwatchable. Resetting the devices will get the signal aligned again, but it can become a frequent process. Other: I give it 3 stars because what it is doing is complex and it does work. If you have no other choice to distribute HDMI to a TV this will work, however I would not recommend it do to the signal separation.

Thanks for the feedback. I haven't seen cases of the video and audio getting out of sync like that, but we'll definitely keep an eye on it. It might be worth trying a replacement to see if it is just something with that unit. You can reach out to us and we'll work something out.
Part Number: SW-32974
Impressive Product

Pros: Pretty impressive product. We were skeptical it would work, but we have it working just fine over a 1000’ spool of wire. Impressive.Cons: Other:

Part Number: SW-32974

Pros: Using my laptop, I first tested with about 300 feet of coax, using the center conductor and the braided wire as the two connections, worked perfectly. Then I connected one terminal to a single strand off a cat6 cable, and the other terminal to the chain link fence in our parking lot. We watched flawless video/audio on the other end. The cat6 cable was about 100 feet, and about 150 feet of fence.Cons: Other:

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