DisplayPort Cable, 1.2a, 4K@60/75Hz 4:4:4

SKU SW-32963-15


DisplayPort at 4K

Get the most out of your high definition display with a DisplayPort cable, featuring a cotton jacket and a hassle-free connector. This cable supports 1080p and 4K resolutions, as well as uncompressed 7.1 or 5.1 audio.

Braided Jacket

Braided Jacket

The cable also is protected by a cotton braided jacket that will stand more wear and tear. This is a great cable for the traveler who frequently brings and moves their DisplayPort cables. It also works well for those who just need a little more extra strength with their stationary cables.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-32963-6
  • SW-32963-10
  • SW-32963-15


  • Sewell


  • DisplayPort 1.2a
  • Up to 4K @ 60/75Hz 4:4:4

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Part Number: SW-32963-15
Pain in the butt if the cable is bad!

Pros: Bought 3 cables, 2 worked well.Cons: one of the cables didn't work, hooked up the monitor and nothingOther: Would have expected that a replacement cable was just sent out and you pitch, or return the old one in a package they send out with the replacement as cost of these things in bulk I would imagine can't be more than a couple bucks...not a big risk but you get to keep happy customers. Process is that you get an RMA, pay for shipping to send the cable back and they send you a new one after it's determined the cable is bad and then possibly reimburse you for your cost of shipping. I don't have time to be without a monitor and taking the time to go ship it back on my dime seemed nuts so I just bought another one somewhere else and tossed the bad one. Next time I need a cable, I'll buy it somewhere else as this isn't worth it if you get one that doesn't work.

Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with our return policy. We normally send out a shipping label, although you're welcome to use your own shipping method, and we can occasionally make exceptions and send out an advance replacement. Feel free to get in touch to set up a replacement for that cable.
Part Number: SW-32963-10
5760 x 1080

Pros: I purchased 3 of these to connect my monitors in a triplewide surround gaming setup. They are tightly braided in a flexible nylon weave. They provide a stable and secure connection. Cons: They lack locking heads that other much lower quality displayport cables have.Other: I also purchased a 3 foot HDMI from Sewell as well and hooked my home theater to my PC so I can Utilize the ever improving PC audio.

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