CAT5e Two jacket FTP with PVC jacket inside and PE outside jacket for UV Protection, 1000 ft.

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Built for Outdoors

This dual-jacket cable provides the highest resistance to all the elements. The cable has an inner PVC jacket and an outer PE jacket that will protect the cable from what ever Mother Nature throws at it. The PE jacket makes the cable extremely resistant to cold weather, moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and even lightning; while the inner jacket adds additional protection to the conductors making this a very robust outdoor cable.

Reduced EMI

This cable features an aluminum foil shielding which dramatically reduces EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and optimizes the signal strength of your network. When stripping the cable, you'll also see a thin cellophane wrapper that is common in FTP (Foiled) cable to preserve the consistency and shape of the twisted pairs and its shielding.

All the Advantages of Copper for Less

CCA cable delivers all of the performance benefits of copper, while maintaining a much more affordable price tag. CCA is made by bonding a layer of pure copper onto an aluminum core. CCA delivers virtually the same conductivity as Pure copper with only slightly higher resistance due to the "Skin Effect"

Easy Pull and no Tangles

With help from our customer's feedback we've managed to perfect the pull-box so that you can grab one end and sprint to the end of your cable run without snags or tangles. We've also beefed up the jacket from past models to ensure its integrity no matter what your install style is.

Testing and Quality

Getting high-quality bulk cable can be tricky these days, so check out our comprehensive Fluke tests and standards with technical specifications in this PDF pdf.


How to choose Network cable

How to Terminate Cat5e


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30003


  • SolidRun™ by Sewell


  • 1000 ft (302m) of unshielded UTP Cat5e CCA cable
  • FTP (Foil) Shielding
  • PE (polyethylene) Outer Jacket
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Inner Jacket
  • Wooden spool box
  • Connector free for full customization
  • Can be wired for patch or crossover
  • BASE1000-T compliant
  • Solid Wire for easy punch down and termination
  • Black Color
  • 24 AWG
  • CM rated

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Part Number: SW-30003
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