3-Pack MOS Magnetic Cable Ties

SKU SW-30136


These red magnetic cable ties are a simple, elegant solution for cable organization. They are rubber ties with strong magnets that allow you to keep track of all your cables, and anything else you can think of. They work best when used with the MOS (Magnetic Organization System.

The Problem

All the great technology available today comes with a curse…cables. We’ve all had to deal with it; those masses of wires around the desk that turn into one tangled knot. Smartphones and tablets have only added to the endless cables in our homes. At least you don’t have to access your TV cables every day. Cables for phones, tablets, and portable computers need to be out of the way and yet still easily accessible.

The Solution

Other organizers involve bulky, unattractive straps and sleeves. The red MOS cable ties use the power of magnets to keep all of those pesky cables organized cleanly, attractively, and still within easy reach. Although designed to be used with the MOS base, the strong magnets in the ties will attach to any metal surface. Use them with a metal desk, a filing cabinet, a refrigerator, or any other metal object to keep all those cables where you want them to be.


The Perfect Match

The MOS cable ties truly shine when used with the MOS base. The base has been carefully designed so that you’ll actually want to display it, allowing you to keep your cables organized and attractive, and yet still within easy reach. Magnets were built into the base, so that cables with enough metal can stick to the base on their own. But, not all cables are created equal. When cables don’t have enough metal to stick to the base, the black MOS cable ties offer a fun and good looking solution.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30152 Red
  • SW-30171 Orange
  • SW-30153 Yellow
  • SW-30136 Blue 


  • MOS™ by Sewell

Package Contents

  • 3 Red Magnetic Rubber Cable Ties

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

These are wonderful!

Works ok

I had high hopes for these. I have a similar cord holder from another company that works great but they were discontinued. The magnets on these aren’t strong enough. The factory cord I have barely stays put with the little magnet. I have a slightly heavier cord and it doesn’t even try to keep it in place. At least they were a good price.


If you have a metal desk these are the bomb

Great product

Recommend to anyone...speedy delivery


great product

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