Premium Thin High Speed HDMI Cable (15 feet) with Redmere Technology

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Redmere 15ft cables give you a thinner, more attractive, and more powerful alternative to traditional HDMI cables. All of these great features and 4k performance make Redmere cables the best way connect your HDMI devices.

Redmere Connection Diagram


These cables use Redmere technology to shrink them down to roughly 25% the thickness of regular HDMI cables. Thanks to the thinner diameter, you can bend these cables a full 180 degrees in only ¾ in. That means you can mount your TV that much closer to the wall.

Thinner cables also makes it easier to connect your portable devices to your TV. At lengths of up to 15 feet a Redmere cable is about the same size as the cable for your iPhone.

Go Farther

As with all cables, HDMI cables can only go so far without losing signal quality. For the best signal quality, it’s recommended to use an extender or active HDMI cable for any cable run longer than about 40-50 feet.

Redmere cables use a special chipset that improves bandwidth and extends the capabilities of the cable, allowing for sustained speeds of 3.4 Gbps per channel. That’s 10.2 Gbps in total. It also compensates for data loss from high signal speed, ensuring that you don’t lose signal quality. That translates into great signal quality over long distances. In fact, Redmere cables can transmit across distances of up to at least 60 feet without any loss in signal quality, and without the need for a repeater.

How it Works

The Redmere chipset improves bandwidth and extends the capabilities of the cable. Thanks to this chipset, the cable can be thinner and still go farther than regular HDMI cables. The chip goes in the sink-side connector (the connector that goes to your TV), which is why the cable only works one way. But, by putting the cable in this way, you don’t need an external power source for the chip. Learn more about how Redmere cables work.

Redmere cables are a great solution for wall-mounted TVs, portable devices, and anywhere you want your cables to be a little less conspicuous.


Mfg. Part Number

  • SW-30652


  • Sewell


  • Zinc Alloy Head


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Premium Thin High Speed HDMI Cable (15 feet) with Redmere Technology