PCI to PCMCIA Controller Card ENE Chipset


Sewell Part # SW-7516

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PCMCIA (cardbus) cards are used on a variety of laptops and have a huge range of uses. They have been used for GPRS modems, wireless LANS, Bluetooth adapters, CardBus hard drives, FireWire/USB host controllers, Serial-ATA host controllers, LAN adapters, and more. Most desktop PC's don't come with PCMCIA card slots but using the PCI to PCMCIA controller card, you can use all of these cards and accessories on your PC, as well as laptops. All you need is a PCI slot which are found on most PCs.

This PCI to PCMCIA controller card uses the ENE chipset and still supports and allows access to Type I, II, or III PCMCIA Cards and supports 16-bit (PCMCIA 2.1 / JEIDA 4.2) and 32-bit (CardBus) PC card with 3.3V / 5V.


Mfg. Part Number



  • SYBA

General Features

  • Card will add one PCMCIA slot to an available PCI slot
  • PCI to PCMCIA allows CardBus also known as PCMCIA devices to be connected to the PCI slot outs, usually found on the back of your PC.
  • Devices include GPRS modem, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, CardBus hard drive, FireWire/USB host controller, Serial-ATA host controller,
  • LAN adapters, etc.
  • PCI interface, 32 bit slot
  • ENE 1410 PCI to Cardbus chipset
  • Support 16-bit and 32-bit PC card with 3.3V / 5V
  • Supports hot swapping
  • Supports Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP
  • Includes User Manual


  • Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Floppy drive (if driver installation is needed)
  • Available PCI slot


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I am considering purchasing an Alltel Huawei EC360 wireless internet PCMCIA type II card to use on a laptop. I would also like to be able to use it on my Dell desktop. Will this card allow me to do this? Also, is there any performance loss with this type of setup?


Yes, this card is compatible with virtually all PCMCIA cards and will allow you to add a PCMCIA port to your desktop with no loss in performance or quality. All you need is an open PCI slot on your desktop.

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So will this work to allow me to take my Verizon 5750 PCMCIA WWLAN Wireless card that I use now in my laptop and plug into this unit that is installed in my home Desktop and have wireless Internet access from my Desktop?


Yes, that is a common use for this adapter. The only drawback is that removing the PCMCIA card from the desktop requires you to get to the back of the desktop, but if you either have easy access to the back or don't need to remove it often this is the perfect solution.

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I have purchased 2 pci to pcmcia cards from a different distributor, but my computer wont boot. Is this compatible with my Dell Inspiron 530? thanks


This card uses an 'ene' chipset. If your previously purchased cards do as well, then this will most likely have the same results. There is no known reason why this would not work with your PC.

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