Military Grade Green Laser Pointer, 5 mA, w/ Batteries (Bulk Packaging)


Sewell Part # SW-29041

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This part comes with minimum bulk packaging. (No box)

2 AAA Batteries are included.

The Military Grade Astronomy Green Laser Pointer 5mW is a glorious tool that can be used by the military or the lowly star gazer.It has a powerful beam that is suitable for the most detailed presentations and is distinctly visible for long distances on a clear night.

What a wonderful unique gift this would be. What could be better than surprising your sweetheart with this gadget and inviting her, or him, to join you for an evening of star gazing? At night this impressive beam will point out the constellations so clearly that you will feel as if you can touch them.

Young people often pose a problem in what to buy them for a special gift. You could spend quality time with your teenager looking at the night sky and helping them identify the various celestial bodies. A map of the night sky and a Green Laser Pointer would make a wonderful present.

Then there is the fun of using your Laser Pointer to amuse the dog or the cat. They will happily chase the beam around the room – while you sit on the couch and watch the television. Maybe while daydreaming you will be imagining that you are using the beam in a military operation. This gadget affords the user some serious game-playing. What intrigue you could envisage!

This laser pointer has a green beam for a very good reason. The color green appears much brighter for greater distances than other colors. One has only to watch traffic lights to see that the green one is more visible from afar than the red.The human eye is more sensitive to the color green.

For the more serious night spotters this Laser Pointer may be mounted on a telescope for even closer observations.

It is equipped with two AAA batteries that are easily replaced.

Rest assured that the Green Laser Pointer 5mW is of legal output and has been tested and found to be safe.Of course it must NEVER be pointed at any aircraft flying in the sky or shone in a driver's eyes.

There are other laser pointer products on the market but this particular one has the advantage of being clearly seen in daylight as well as in the night sky. It is not too bright to be used in a small room for presentations, but is easily seen in very large auditoriums. With this model you have the total package – for fun and games, or for serious productions or performances. Why settle for less? Whether in business or for pleasure the Green Laser Pointer 5mW is the best choice.


Mfg. Part Number

  • BGP-3010


  • Generic


  • Green


  • 5mW


  • 2 AAA batteries


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