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Use your Playstation controller or Dance Dance Revolution pad on your Gamecube or Wii with this simple, inexpensive adapter from Mayflash.

PS2 Controller on a Gamecube:
When having cross console tournaments, it's hard to switch controllers and maintain the same level of play. Mayflash has the solution. With this adapter you can play Madden just like you would on your PS2 or a Gamecube. No more excuses, just straightforward gaming.

Dance Dance on your Own Pad:
Even a hardcore DDRer can have his/her mojo thrown off by changing pads. Avoid cross compatibility problems and keep the groove you've finely tuned by using the PS2 DDR pad you're used to.


Mfg. Part Number

  • GC001


  • MayFlash


  • PS2 DDR supported Now!!!
  • GameCube/Wii JoyBox is a PSX/PSX2 compatible controller adapter for GC.
  • GC/Wii games that support rumble function will make PSX,D-Shock controllers rumble without extra accessories.
  • Make sure the GC/Wii console is turned off.
  • Insert the GC/Wii plug of the GameCube JoyBox adapter into the GC/Wii console.
  • Insert any PSX/PSX2 controller into the GameCube/Wii Joy Box.
  • Turn on the GC/Wii console, and the PSX/PSX2 controller will be ready to use.
  • Game Cube and Wii is the trademark of Nintendo, but not an official Nintendo Products.


  • Products Name: GameCube/Wii Joy Box (DDR Supported)
  • Item No.: GC001
  • Package: Card & Blister
  • Measurement:(cm) 69 x 49 x 30
  • N.W:(kg) 9
  • G.W:(kg) 10.5


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