Where to Use LED Light Strips

Do you want to add a little extra light to the dark nooks and crannies of your house, apartment, or office? LED lighting strips add the extra light needed. These economical, easy-to-mount lighting strips are made from small LED lights attached to strips. You can mount them almost anywhere, ranging from under a desk, behind a monitor, to an interior of a car. LED lighting strips are an easy aesthetic improvement to any surface in your home or workplace. Here are a few ideas for where you can attach these convenient, economical lighting strips:

LED Desk

Office Accent Lighting

Need a little extra light at the office? Mount LED lighting strips across your cubicle or on the underside of a desk. This will add a little light to a dark, dull workspace. Even adding a small strip behind the monitor creates a lighter environment that can ease strain and stress on your eyes.

Restaurant Lighting

Add LED light strips on the underside of shelves or cabinets throughout a restaurant kitchen. Mount them on the wall above booths. Or even mount colored LED lighting strips on the underside of a bar for a creative lighting look.

LED Desk

House Lighting

Mount LED strips in your kitchen, work room, garage, or any other room where you have cabinets installed above a countertop or desk. These lights are perfect for adding extra light on the counter or desk space for more precise and comfortable work. Perhaps you could even add a little more light to the art hanging on your wall. Or use colored LEDs to add mood lighting to a movie or evening.

Party/Club Lighting

Add fun and flair to a party or club by mounting multi-colored LED lighting strips around the perimeter of a room. Many colored LED strips allow for changing color and timing. Program it to go with the flow of your music. Install the lights around the room, behind furniture, or even straight on the ceiling for a brighter effect.

Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are being taken over with LEDs. LED Christmas lights can wrap your roof eaves or tacked around the perimeter of a room for a holiday party. Line them along your porch or around your front door. Be creative with them. Mix white and multi-colored lights for a festive, holiday look. You even can use them on outdoor trees and bushes, but make sure you take them down once the winter frost or severe weather sets in because you do not want them to be damaged.

Vehicle Lighting

Although most states do not permit extra lighting outside your car, you can add accent lighting to the interior of your car. Add blue, red, orange, or any other color with multi-colored LED strips. If you plan to go boating, purchase special waterproof LED lighting strips to add decoration or functionality. It is important that you mount waterproof lighting strips to a car or boat; otherwise, the lights may short become damaged. Mount lighting strips along the sides of the boat or add extra light inside for night rides. Be creative!

Solderless Standard Density RGB Color Change LED Strip Kit 5 Meters

Solderless Standard Density RGB Color Change LED Strip Kit 5 Meters


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Don’t read, work, and live in dark spaces throughout your house or office. If your home or work place needs a little lift but you do not have a large budget to improve it, then purchase a few sets of LED lighting strips. You can get strips for a great price and install them on your own by using just a little mounting tape used to hang frames, artwork and other items on walls without the use of nails. Best of all, not only are LED lighting strips charming, but they will provide the extra needed light you need for a dark home or office. They are always easy to take down if you decide later to move. Order your set of LED lighting strips today for an instant change in your house, apartment, or office. Be creative. Order several different sets of both multi-colored LED lights and white lights for a unique, varied look.