UL10 + Wifi adapter

Hector Caceres | Nov 28, 2017

Equipment used:

My Tests

I did some quick Wi-Fi speed tests using speedtest.net. First I tested the speed by plugging the Wi-Fi adapter directly on the computer, and then I tested it when plugged into the U-Link. I ran each speed test 3 times to get an average and be able to make a fair comparison.

Overall I feel like the speed does get affected by using the U-Link, but only in a very minimal amount.

The highest download speed I ever got without the u-link was 16.42 Mbps and with the U-Link was 15.99 Mbps. That's only .43 Mbps Difference. Although the lowest I got with the U-Link was 14.21 Mbps (1.4 Mbps difference) but I think a lot had to do with the slow wi-fi I was using.

I wonder how much more different it would be using a faster Wi-Fi. Here are my screenshots.

Wifi adapter only UL10_wifi